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Customer testimonials videos

A psychiatric hospital maintains the confidentiality of patient records [+]

EPSM decided to strengthen security while eliminating the constraints of passwords, using instead healthcare professional smart card for authentication.

How to provide cloud SSO (Single Sign-On) [+]

After a single authentication, P&T Luxembourg’s customers easily access to all their applications on virtual desktops. The selection criterion of the Evidian solution has been: no modification of application, delegation, security, audit and fast deployment.

Enterprise Single Sign-On videos

What is SSO (Single Sign-On for applications in Enterprise)? [+]

Saves time with a single password and with the Evidian Enterprise SSO (Single Sign-On) solution which automatically replays your login and passwords on your applications.

How to securely delegate access to your user account? [+]

In your absence business must go on. This Evidian video shows account delegation which allows user to share access to an account without sharing passwords.

Share access to your user account [+]

Evidian Enterprise SSO allows users to access shared accounts without knowing passwords. When the account requires a password change, the Evidian solution proceeds to the generation of a new new password

Authentication Manager Videos

What is authentication management (smartcard, biometrics, RFID…)? [+]

Understand how Evidian Authentication Manager manages different authentication types: smartcard, biometrics, RFID…

How to reset Windows password or PIN code with a Windows password recovery tool? [+]

Keep the business going even if you forgot your Windows password, locked your account or damaged your smartcard. This video shows how the Evidian self-service password reset allows an emergency access to your applications in any situation.

Emergency Windows login via QR code and smartphone [+]

With Evidian QRentry, you can login on your PC by scanning a QR Code. Did you forget your password or lose your smartcard? Just use your smartphone to have an emergency access to your Windows applications – no need for the helpdesk.

Share login on a PC but do not share password [+]

Hospital, retail stores and production lines need to share a PC between multiple users. With Evidian, there are no more auto-login or always open sessions. Users share a Windows session with a simple RFID authentication. Each access is personal and audited by user name.

Avoid multiple login for a roaming user [+]

Typically in a hospital, you must log on multiple PCs. Evidian offers a simple authentication for a roaming session. You start your session once and you find it on each PC with your RFID badge.

Login to multiple computers at once [+]

Traders or operation centers working with multiple screens or with a video wall require a single login to multiple computers at once. Evidian proposes a unique feature on the market with a single authentication to lock / unlock all sessions on a cluster of computers. The solution is compatible with password, smart card, RFID, biometrics.

Multi User Desktop [+]

Thanks to the Multi-user Desktop, employees are able to safely switch users in a few seconds. All features of Authentication Manager are integrated into this configuration.

Switch workstations securely [+]

Evidian Authentication Manager can allow users to only have one active session. Whenever you log in to a different workstation, your session will be locked on the previous one.

Identity and Access Management videos

Identity and Access Management – Salesforce just-in-time user provisioning [+]

This feature ensures that accounts in cloud applications are created only when users need: example with Salesforce.

Identity and Access Management – User access management policy – Example with self service access request to Microsoft Office 365 [+]

Discover the flexibility of user access management policy in the Evidian Identity and Access Management offer.

Web Access Manager - Secure SAML authentication on SalesForce with Evidian WAM, a global solution for Identity Federation and Web SSO [+]

How SAML authentication works on SalesForce with Evidian WAM?

HA videos (High Availability)

Discover our High Availability solutions (HA solutions) with a set of videos [+]