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Customer testimonials videos

In Holland, Sint Franciscus hospital secures accesses to its applications with Evidian [+]
Gesundheitswesen IAM & SSO : Sint Franciscus Krankenhaus [+]

Sint Franciscus hospital (Rotterdam, NL) chose Evidian for its IAM and SSO solutions and knowhow of the healthcare sector to ensure that personal health data remains confidential.

A psychiatric hospital maintains the confidentiality of patient records [+]

EPSM decided to strengthen security while eliminating the constraints of passwords, using instead healthcare professional smart card for authentication.

How to provide cloud SSO (Single Sign-On) [+]

After a single authentication, P&T Luxembourg’s customers easily access to all their applications on virtual desktops. The selection criterion of the Evidian solution has been: no modification of application, delegation, security, audit and fast deployment.

IAM and SSO videos (Identity and Access Management, Single Sign-On)

What is SSO (Single Sign-On for applications in Enterprise)? [+]

Saves time with a single password and with the Evidian Enterprise SSO (Single Sign-On) solution which automatically replays your login and passwords on your applications.

What is authentication management (smartcard, biometrics, RFID…)? [+]

Understand how Evidian Authentication Manager manages different authentication types: smartcard, biometrics, RFID…

How to securely delegate access to your user account? [+]

In your absence business must go on. This Evidian video shows account delegation which allows user to share access to an account without sharing passwords.

How to reset Windows password or PIN code with a Windows password recovery tool? [+]

Keep the business going even if you forgot your Windows password, locked your account or damaged your smartcard. This video shows how the Evidian self-service password reset allows an emergency access to your applications in any situation.

Emergency Windows login via QR code and smartphone [+]

With Evidian QRentry, you can login on your PC by scanning a QR Code. Did you forget your password or lose your smartcard? Just use your smartphone to have an emergency access to your Windows applications – no need for the helpdesk.

Share login on a PC but do not share password [+]

Hospital, retail stores and production lines need to share a PC between multiple users. With Evidian, there are no more auto-login or always open sessions. Users share a Windows session with a simple RFID authentication. Each access is personal and audited by user name.

Avoid multiple login for a roaming user [+]

Typically in a hospital, you must log on multiple PCs. Evidian offers a simple authentication for a roaming session. You start your session once and you find it on each PC with your RFID badge.

Login to multiple computers at once [+]

Traders or operation centers working with multiple screens or with a video wall require a single login to multiple computers at once. Evidian proposes a unique feature on the market with a single authentication to lock / unlock all sessions on a cluster of computers. The solution is compatible with password, smart card, RFID, biometrics.

Identity and Access Management – Salesforce just-in-time user provisioning [+]

This feature ensures that accounts in cloud applications are created only when users need: example with Salesforce.

Web Access Manager - Secure SAML authentication on SalesForce with Evidian WAM, a global solution for Identity Federation and Web SSO [+]

How SAML authentication works on SalesForce with Evidian WAM?

Identity and Access Management – User access management policy – Example with self service access request to Microsoft Office 365 [+]

Discover the flexibility of user access management policy in the Evidian Identity and Access Management offer.



HA videos (High Availability)

Discover our High Availability solutions (HA solutions) with a set of videos [+]



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