Evidian - Enterprise SSO for Mobile - Solution for Android SSO and iOS SSO

Customer challenge

  • Sam, our new CIO, has encouraged the use of mobile devices
  • Sam is receiving even more complaints due to password issues with the mobile devices

Android SSO and iOS SSO with Evidian Enterprise SSO for Mobile


Password-free access to your mobile applications

With this offer, Evidian delivers an Android SSO and iOS SSO solution that extends its Enterprise Single Sign-On offer. Enterprise SSO for mobile devices will automatically enter application passwords for you.

Store personal notes and passwords in your mobile eWallet

Evidian Enterprise SSO for mobile allows you to store any confidential data in your mobile eWallet. This information is securely stored and available from your workstation and your mobile devices.

Turn your mobile device into a strong authentication device

When you activate your mobile device with a QR Code, it becomes a secure access point to your enterprise network. The authentication on your mobile device grants you access to your applications. No additional password is required.

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