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Authentication Manager: Multi-Factor strong Authentication (MFA)

Passwords are the weak point of many authentication policies. Single or shared Windows passwords create a risk of intrusion and make it almost impossible to precisely verify the use of Windows accounts.
Evidian Authentication Manager with strong authentication resolves these problems by replacing passwords with MFA: devices or biometrics. Authentication manager with Windows MFA covers all authentication scenarios for a user accessing one or several PCs, or for several users sharing the same PC.

  • Secured access to your workstations and servers in any situation

  • Replace user passwords with MFA: devices or biometrics

  • Strenghten security by strictly enforcing the password policy

  • Login simultaneously to several PCs

  • Non-intrusive solution

  • Available for cluster PC and kiosk PC

Easily implement, centralize and secure the MFA lifecycle

Evidian Authentication Manager allows you to manage the lifecycle of MFA through a single point. You assign (smartcard) and manage replacements, blacklists, data and certificates... using the existing infrastructure.

Secure complex authentication scenarios     -      Simplify MFA deployment

Increase Productivity     -      Improve Security & Compliance     -     Reduce usage costs


Adapts to each business need

Evidian Authentication Manager adapts the use of strong authentication (MFA –  Multi-factor authentication) to the professional constraints of users. It secures access to workstations and servers in any situation and cover all authentication scenarios for all types of user profiles.

 Two-Factor Authentication     -     Kiosk Access

Cluster Authentication     -     Session Management     -     Extend usage of existing cards


Certification and compliance

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Enterprise SSO - Single Sign-On

The proliferation of passwords have become the main security threats for organizations. The need to simplify access for users
by a one click access to their applications, without compromising security policies, has become a main goal for many companies.

  • Replace user passwords with a single authentication
  • Strenghten security by strictly enforcing the password policy
  • Provide support for strong authentication methods (MFA)
  • Non-intrusive and easy to deploy solution
  • For web*, legacy and desktop applications
  • Available for Windows and MacOS**

*on Internet Explorer, Edge, FireFox and  Chrome.
**with Safari and Chrome


SSPR (Self-Service Password Reset)

Evidian Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) offers several intuitive procedures to securely allow end-users to reset their Windows password from their web portal or the Windows login screen.  The solution provides a full set of audit trail reports of WHO resets a Windows password WHEN and from WHERE.

  • Change password when connected or not to the network

  • Without contacting the helpdesk

  • (Q&A) Answering pre-defined questions

  • Scanning a QR Code with Evidian QRentry App

  • One-time password (OTP) sent via email and/or SMS

  • Using a challenge response mechanism

Evidian QRentry
Strong Authentication via QR Code

Authenticate with a smartphone and a QR code (even offline) thanks to QRentry, which can be downloaded on a smartphone from Google Play and the Apple Store. When users lose their password or smartcard, they can unlock their PC via QR Codes (secure One-Time Passwords (OTP)).

  • Strong authentication using a QR Code

  • Use as second factor authentication (2FA)

  • QRentry for Windows Authentication

  • Low-footprint deployment

  • Security and confidentiality

  • Fast user adoption

  • Boosts your enterprise’s innovation image

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