The Evidian expertise centre

The Evidian expertise centre makes the best experts available to you, to support you throughout the life cycle of your security solution:

Upstream: set out a specification, verify the principles, etc.

For the implementation: installation, configuration, customisation, ... or turnkey implementation

Downstream: training operators, usage, maintenance in operational condition, etc.

The forty experts may participate in all aspects of operations from units based in: Paris, Cologne, Manchester, Brussels, New York and Tokyo.

Training makes a significant difference to projects

The in-depth knowledge of Evidian products makes participants much more productive and allows for predictive project planning:

(Visit our Training programme)

Evidian provides a series of IAM consulting services, to help you construct your identity and access management project. These services cover three principle domains:

  •  Implementation/demonstrator's assistance with implementation/model
  •  Provision of advice and auditing
  •  Design: technical architecture with the constraints of high availability (IT safety plan), detailed IAM functional specifications (workflow, policy, upstream and downstream provisioning), SSO and strong authentication, Web SSO

Evidian has trained its experts in the best techniques and an adapted Methodology, guaranteeing the success of your project: real and rapid benefits for the company, incremental implementation, etc.  These methods can be applied in particular for the implementation of Enterprise access management, or to protect Remote access.

Evidian offers operational support beyond the implementation project: whether this is for ad hoc support (On-Demand Service) or maintenance in operational condition (MCO)