Training makes a significant difference to projects The in-depth knowledge of Evidian products makes participants much more productive and allows for predictive project planning.

Our clients are constantly working to improve their productivity and profitability in an increasingly competitive market. To this end, they adopt new technologies with solutions that meet their needs exhaustively but are also social and open with a long and productive life. Our partners use Evidian products to implement these solutions.

They can all attend training and certification programmes offered by the Evidian Institute in order to take advantage of Evidian products and make best use of the technology.

After attending the Evidian Institute training sessions, each person, depending on their job and their role within the project, will be in a position to effectively determine the best configuration and final architecture of the solutions. It will also improve the participants' confidence in their capacity to rapidly implement projects and meet deadlines. Some of them will learn how to adapt the solutions to the needs of the end client for a minimal cost. Others will learn how best to take advantage of the numerous and powerful functions of Evidian products.

In order to become a Certified Partner, a consultant must pass the online certification exam.

They can sit the exam on the Evidian product of their choice directly from the Evidian website.

The prerequisites are to have assiduously and attentively followed the basic training for the product chosen, provided by the Evidian Institute.

If the test result is satisfactory, it means that the candidate has the knowledge required to be a Certified Partner. These skills are recognised in a named diploma certificate, officially allocated by the Director of the Evidian Institute.

The diploma therefore validates the completion of the training and successfully passing the exam.

If you are interested in this type of certification, simply get in touch with giving the name of the product for which you wish to be recognised as a Certified Partner.