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DirX Product Suite

A recognized solution

Eviden DirX portfolio for Identity and Access Management includes products for identity management and access governance, identity analytics and intelligence, Web access management, single sign-on, identity federation as well as directory services. With DirX, customers can choose from on premise, managed or cloud-based delivery models and benefit from enhanced regulatory compliance and audit capabilities, greater security, higher efficiency, and reduced overall costs. DirX is the leader in terms of scalability, reliability, and high availability and offers outstanding flexibility when it comes to the automated creation of users, assignment of rights, and operation. All products provide a wide range of RESTful interfaces for seamless integration with other customer solutions.

The Evidian DirX product suite has been in widespread use in a broad range of industries for over fifteen years. And we have our own pool of internal industry expertise as well as a network of partners – in the public sector, healthcare, financial services and power engineering, for example. That is why we can assess the needs of our customers so well and offer them tailored solutions for Identity and Access Management – ranging from project consulting, analysis and planning, solution implementation and maintenance to training. We are one of the pioneers in IAM technology and have always played an active part in standardization and innovation.


DirX Identity

DirX Identity provides a comprehensive, process-driven, customizable, cloud-enabled, scalable, and highly available identity management solution for businesses and organizations. It provides overarching, risk-based identity and access governance functionality seamlessly integrated with automated provisioning. Functionality includes lifecycle management for users and roles, cross-platform and rule-based real-time provisioning, web-based self-service functions for users, delegated administration, request workflows, access certification, password management, metadirectory as well as auditing and reporting functionality.

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DirX Audit

DirX Audit provides auditors, security compliance officers and audit administrators with analytical insight and transparency for identity and access. Based on historical identity data and recorded events from the identity and access management processes, DirX Audit allows answering the “what, when, where, who and why” questions of user access and entitlements. DirX Audit features historical views and reports on identity data, a graphical dashboard with drill-down into individual events, a monitor for filtering, analyzing, correlating and review of identity-related events and job management for report generation. With its analytical features, DirX Audit helps enterprises and organizations to ensure sustainable compliance and provide business intelligence for the risk-based identity and access management processes.

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DirX Access

DirX Access is a comprehensive, cloud-ready, scalable, and highly available access management solution providing policy- and risk-based authentication, authorization based on XACML and federation for Web applications and services. DirX Access delivers single sign-on, versatile authentication inlcuding FIDO, identity federation based on SAML, OAuth and OpenID Connect, just-in-time provisioning, entitlement management and policy enforcement for applications and services in the cloud or on premise.

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DirX Directory

DirX Directory provides a standards-compliant, high-performance, highly available, highly reliable, highly scalable, and secure LDAP and X.500 Directory Server and LDAP Proxy with very high linear scalability. DirX Directory can serve as an identity store for employees, customers, partners, subscribers, and other IoT entities. It can also serve as a provisioning, access management and metadirectory repository, to provide a single point of access to the information within disparate and heterogeneous directories available in an enterprise network or cloud environment for user management and provisioning.

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