Avoid multiple login for a roaming user

How to avoid multiple login for a roaming user?

Typically in a hospital, you must log on multiple PCs. To avoid multiple login, Evidian Authentication Manager offers a simple authentication for a roaming user.

The roaming session mode of Evidian Authentication Manager simplifies the successive authentication to several computers. When a user, typically a doctor, needs to access several computers during the day, he only has to authenticate once on the first computer; then he only needs his device to open the other computers sessions. This function is particularly used in hospitals emergency desks, where nurses and doctors need immediate access to information.

The video shows a roaming user with a RFID badge. On his first login, he enters the password associated to his RFID badge and Evidian Authentication Manager initializes a roaming session for a period of time. Then he moves to other PCs. He has not to enter his password again, thus avoiding multiple login. And he retrieves his roaming session.

How it works?

1. The administrator configures the roaming session mode on appropriate access points, and for a number of users for a defined duration.

2. A user authenticates on a computer on which the roaming session mode is available, whatever the authentication method is (login/password, smart card, active or passive RFID device, biometry).

3. When the computer (on which the roaming session mode is activated) detects a physical authentication token (smart card, active or passive RFID), the roaming session is retrieved and the user is authenticated without having to type the secret associated with the token. The session duration time is displayed to the user in a task bar balloon help.

4. If the roaming session expires when it is open on a computer, or if the user password expires or is changed, the session remains open, but the user will have to authenticate at next session opening.

To know more about authentication management, we recommend this white paper: “Strong Authentication – Reducing hidden costs”.