Evidian Identity and Access Management Suite - Cloud Security with IGA and SSO

Customer challenge

  • Sam, CEO, decides to use Cloud based SaaS for a new activity
  • Security and accessibility become his nightmare

Cloud Security with Evidian IGA and SSO

Cloud security with IAM and SSO is implemented with the Evidian Identity and Access Management suite.

Implement federated Web SSO for Cloud and SaaS

Users can log on to different applications, either inside the Enterprise or in the Cloud, using the same authentication credentials. When deploying Evidian IGA and SSO, Cloud security and accessibility are performed inside the Enterprise along with the security of internal applications. Thus, the access policy is coherent and can be controled and audited with the same tool.

Enforce security with strong authentication and SSO

Evidian Identity and Access Management suite provides web single sign-on. User authentication can be made with one-time passwords (OTP), smart cards, USB tokens, certificates, QR codes, SMS, Mail, grid password...

Deploy without impacting Cloud applications

The cloud security with Evidian IAM and SSO is based on standard like SAMLOpenID, OAuth... The solution is tranparent for Cloud applications.