Evidian IGA - User Management

Customer challenge

  • Today Sam starts a new job in a great company
  • Sam cannot access yet the system to start working

Evidian IGA - User management

The user management in the Enterprise, from arrival to departure, is implemented by Evidian IAM (Identity and Access Management).

Automate your user management procedures

End users can request new access rights on applications. Their requests are sent to their managers who grant or reject them through an approval workflow. Administrators are  freed from managing authorizations. Thus, Evidian IGA efficiently automates user management procedures.

Enforce your access security policy

To enforce user management security, Evidian IGA implements role-based access control. Roles are defined according to job functions and give the right to access certain applications in the Enterprise. When a user with a role in the company has unauthorized access to applications, Evidian IGA detects it and repairs the access policy.

Manage audit and compliance

The user management of Evidian IGA allows you to comply with your security policy and reduce risks of users with unauthorized rights in your company. The effectiveness of your security measures can be proven at any time by presenting compliance reports to external auditors.