Evidian Authentication Manager - Smart card, RFID, biometrics, QR code, OTP authentication

Customer challenge

  • Sam, CSO, has deployed smart cards and a PKI
  • Sam is still receiving complaints due to passwords issues

Smart card, RFID, biometrics, QR code, OTP authentication managed by Evidian Authentication Manager

Implement smartcard access to PC’s

Instead of the traditional login-password on Windows, users can connect with a smart card on their PCs. Evidian Authentication Manager is open and supports not only smart card authentication, but also RFID authentication, biometrics authentication, QR code authentication, OTP authentication...

Eliminate the need for remembering and entering passwords

Evidian Authentication Manager can be combined with Enterprise Single Sign-On to implement strong authentication and no password-typing to access applications in the Enterprise.

Enforce security and compliance

Passwords are a weak point and a risk of intrusion when shared by several users. With Authentication Manager, strong authentication solves this issue by replacing passwords with smart cards or other devices. You can verify access attempts by employees to applications and workstations via a central audit database. You can therefore demonstrate compliance with your access policy.