The Evidian expertise centre supports its clients in the use of its security solutions. Over the years, it has acquired strong skills in implementing Evidian solutions in a complex environment.

These skills are a determining factor that will ensure the quality of your project to change the system currently in use.

Our service offering takes clients' needs into account in terms of flexibility, availability and the means of implementation.

Keeping your application operational

Our services aim to reduce the management costs of your application throughout its life cycle.

All of the following expert services can be carried out "on site" or "remotely":

  • Managing test and qualification platforms
  • Impact study for new components/integration/qualification
  • Preparation of media (documentation, package) for production/implementation assistance
  • Managing the Production system:
    • Managing alarms
    • Managing incidents (expertise), escalations
    • Managing problems and anomalies
    • Maintaining the knowledge base
    • Incident resolution scripts
  • Weekly or monthly activity report


Our expert services offer "health checks" for your applications.

Implementation assistance

Our expert services will support you with the update of your application or related component:

  • Integration, qualification, compliance/non-regression tests
  • Preparation of media (documentation, package) for production
  • Assistance to begin production
  • Implementation support

Skills transfer

Preparing course material, monitoring


A large car manufacturer decided to change its company smartcard supplier.
This card was for users to connect to workstations using Evidian's User Access solution.
Our client wished to use their old and new smartcards interchangeably.

Our solution

Evidian took the new client card into account (and its associated components) in order to maintain the most transparent card management system possible.
This was possible by entering the new card's properties into a simple XML configuration file. The User Access solution now works interchangeably with the old and new smartcards. The client already wishes to select another authentication medium, such as a USB token, for different purposes, knowing that it can be easily integrated into its Evidian User Access solution.

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