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Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Telecommunications

Protect your telecoms from cyber attacks by unauthorized users

Protect your telecoms from cyber attacks by unauthorized users with Evidian IAM

Telecommunications operators offer a wide range of services to their clients, such as mobile internet, voice chat, voice messaging, video, etc. The supply of services to clients and the invoicing require an operational support system (OSS) and a basic support system (BSS) to be managed.

These systems should be used and maintained in a secure and trackable way to ensure revenue growth and service standards for the end user.

Significant savings using the TMF standards

Telecoms operators should respond rapidly to technological changes and their clients' need to conquer new markets. Consequently, telecoms operators need to be agile, implementing new services and new applications in a trustworthy, reliable way.

Evidian Identity & Access Manager supplies automated and trackable provisioning of user accounts and access rights to the BSS and OSS applications, using a standard TMF615 user management interface. The solution offers optimised and reliable management of user accounts and access rights for internal and external operations and maintenance, required by staff who need to access the critical BSS and OSS systems.

Securing access to the company's critical applications

The solution provides a fully integrated approvals workflow, through which end users can request additional access rights. The access rights are automatically granted, after approval by the authorised persons, such as line managers, application owners, security officers, etc.

Simplifying and securing access to the company's applications

Evidian Enterprise SSO provides simple and secure access to the company's critical applications. The solution fully manages passwords so that users no longer have to memorise them. Evidian Enterprise SSO automates user logins for all applications, whether internal or in the cloud (private, public, hybrid).

Evidian Enterprise SSO automatically manages password changes for all applications, based on the company's security policy. User access to applications is simplified, while improving company security and compliance with regulations.

Improving user productivity with a self-service system

Evidian Enterprise SSO improves user productivity because the self-service system allows users to reinitialise their passwords and smartcard pincodes in full security, without having to contact the user helpdesk.

Improving call centre productivity

Call centres need to access various applications to serve their customers, including internal applications (e.g. customer databases) and external applications (e.g. for tracking parcels). Every day, each call centre agent spends considerable time identifying themselves to access these applications – this is unproductive time that telecoms operators are paying for.

With Evidian solutions, call centre staff can access their applications immediately – no need to enter usernames and passwords. And access rights are set up for newly recruited agents from day one.

Evidian IAM leader in the French and German markets and in U.S. Public Sector

Evidian IAM

Evidian IAM cyber security tools and solutions – Leader in Identity and Access Management in France

Evidian IAM

Evidian IAM cyber security tools and solutions – Leader in Identity and Access Management in Germany

Evidian IAM

Evidian IAM cyber security tools and solutions – Leader in Identity and Access Management in U.S. Public Sector

What are IAM cyber security tools and solutions?

Telecom Case Studies

MTN Côte d'Ivoire - A mobile telecommunications operator controls and facilitates access to its applications with Evidian and Microsoft

English French

Davy Roland Lago, Project manager. "We are very satisfied with Evidian Enterprise SSO. Users easily adopt card-based single sign-on. Our needs have been met far beyond our expectations as we have discovered some other very useful functions such as delegation."

Sonatel - Senegal's leading telecom operator facilitates and secures IT access

English French German

Babacar Kebe, Project Manager. "Feedback is positive; no problems were observed during deployment in the field. Evidian's solution will allow us to define and control our entire access security policy from a single location."

P&T Luxembourg video - How to provide cloud SSO (Single Sign-On)

English video French video

After a single authentication, P&T Luxembourg’s customers easily access to all their applications on virtual desktops. The selection criterion of the Evidian solution has been: no modification of application, delegation, security, audit and fast deployment.

Many partners deploy high availability of the Milestone video surveillance platform with SafeKit

English French

Sebastien Temoin, Technical and Innovation Director, NOEMIS, value added distributor of Milestone solutions. "SafeKit by Evidian is a professional solution making easy the redundancy of Milestone Management Server, Event Server, Log Server. The solution is easy to deploy, easy to maintain and can be added on existing installation. We have assisted integrators to deploy the solution on many projects such as city surveillance, datacenters, stadiums and other critical infrastructures. SafeKit is a great product, and Evidian provides great support."

Harmonic has deployed more than 80 SafeKit clusters with its critical  TV broadcasting application

English French

Philippe Vidal, Product Manager. "We are deploying SafeKit worldwide and we currently have more than 80 SafeKit clusters on Windows with our critical TV broadcasting application through terrestrial, satellite, cable and IP-TV."

In South Korea, WithNCompany deploys high availability of Hanwha Wisenet with SafeKit

English French

Tommy Park, CEO, WithNCompany, South Korea. "WithNCompany is a reseller of Evidian SafeKit in South Korea. WithNCompany has deployed many SafeKit high availability solutions with the Hanwha Wisenet platform and with the SSM application. SafeKit is appreciated because the product is easy to install and very quickly deployed. The SSM application does not need to be modified to run in the high availability mode. The SSM application can be installed on the default C: drive and there is no need to configure a separate disk volume. SafeKit is able to make real-time replication of SSM folders inside the C: drive. Moreover, for cost saving, SafeKit can be installed on 2 Windows PCs instead of 2 servers."

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