Easily implement, centralize and secure the MFA lifecycle

Push authentication on a Windows 10 workstation

With their mobile connected to internet, users can authenticate to their Windows session after receiving a push notification on their mobile device.

Easily implement, centralize and secure the MFA lifecycle

Fast deployment:
user self-enrollment

When authorizing push authentication, you can easily manage who can log in to their Windows session using their mobile device by defining User profiles. Self-enrollment is done through the QRentry application. No need of a deployment tool for push authentication.

QR code authentication
as fail over mechanism

In case you are travelling with no access to internet on your phone and the Workstation is not connected to the company’s domain, by Using the Evidian cache, collaborators may authenticate by scanning a QR code. See more on QRentry authentication.

Manage all authentication methods from the administration console

Same methodology applied to all authentication methods. From the centralized administration console, manage from the same window all authentication methods. You may restrict authentication methods to certain users or groups of users.

Perfect solution for passwordless authentication policies

Evidian Push authentication is the best passwordless authentication method as even if you are offline, you can still log in by scanning a QRcode. It is also a great layer of security as the user will authenticate on his mobile phone using a fingerprint, Iris, or Pin. You can also request additional authentication to validate the push notification.

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Related products

QRcode scan

Evidian QRentry
Strong Authentication via QR Code

Authenticate with a smartphone and a QR code (even offline) thanks to QRentry, which can be downloaded on a smartphone from Google Play and the Apple Store. When users lose their password or smartcard, they can unlock their PC via QR Codes (secure One-Time Passwords (OTP)).

  • Strong authentication using a QR Code
  • Use as second factor authentication (2FA)
  • QRentry for Windows Authentication
  • Low-footprint deployment
  • Security and confidentiality
  • Fast user adoption
  • Boosts your enterprise’s innovation image