Enterprise SSO (Single Sign-On)

Enterprise SSO (Single Sign-On)

The number of passwords required from users never stops growing. It becomes necessary to simplify access to your information system, but also to increase security by reducing the risk of loss or sharing passwords…

Evidian Enterprise SSO replaces user passwords with a single authentication such as a password, biometrics, a smartcard or a radio badge. Access is immediate, whether the applications are internal or external to the company.

The result for users is simplified access to their applications – they automatically comply with the security policy. And by removing tiresome administration tasks, Evidian Enterprise SSO simplifies password management.

In addition, after receiving the “FranceCyberSecurity” label for all its solutions, Evidian received on 16/02/2018 the ANSSI Security Visa (CSPN) for its Evidian Enterprise SSO product.
v. 8.06PL5 b5386.30


Facilitate access rights administration

By centralising usernames and passwords, Evidian Enterprise SSO allows administrators to spend less time on password management tasks. They can spend this time developing systems and improving performance…

Managing users for dozens of applications has become time-consuming and also a financial handicap for the company. So certain applications share the same authentication, while others have dedicated user bases.

Simplify technology for users

With Evidian Enterprise SSO, passwords are entered and renewed automatically. Users save time and access their applications with no restrictions.

Their applications are not modified, either Windows software or web applications: the Windows domain, CRM portal, Oracle or SAP applications, messaging or supplier portal.

Employees can get on with their work without worrying about forgotten passwords, and without having to change them regularly according to ever more complex criteria: special characters, length, case, etc.

Improve access security

Evidian Enterprise SSO eliminates one of the scourges of security: bypassing password procedures. Now, users no longer have to remember a multitude of credentials. They simply have to remember their main password.

Evidian Enterprise SSO makes it unnecessary to write a password on a Post-it™, or share it with a colleague if they forget theirs. It also avoids multiple use of the same password for several applications.

For even greater security, the complementary Authentication Manager module brings flexibility and ease to managing and using strong authentication methods (smartcards, OTP tokens, biometrics, etc.)

Delegate to users… delegating access rights

With Enterprise SSO, a user can delegate access to an application to a colleague, without calling the helpdesk. They can do this without sharing their password, and for the time period they decide. The user can therefore anticipate their absences. In the event of unexpected absence (e.g. illness), access can be delegated through a web portal.

This is done under the strict control of your security policy. You decide what can be delegated and under what circumstances. The access delegated is logged and auditable by the company’s Head of Security.

Provide demonstrable return on investment

Evidian Enterprise SSO allows real and measurable savings to be easily made. The return on investment generally allows you to recover acquisition costs within a year.

The reduced time spent on data entry improves the performance of critical employees. And the reduction in the number of calls related to forgotten passwords considerably reduces the cost of support.

Ensure the compliance of your IT systems

Sarbanes-Oxley, confidentiality agreements, PCI DSS or the laws on financial integrity: Evidian Enterprise SSO helps you to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

You can verify access attempts by employees to applications and workstations via a central database. All access is personalised, including to Windows accounts and generic applications. You can therefore demonstrate compliance with your access policy and fulfil its objectives.

Optimise your costs

A support call generally costs €15. Thanks to the SSO, these calls can be reduced by up to 30 %, because employees no longer lose application passwords. Automating connections avoids account lockouts due to typos or faulty keyboards as far as possible.

And with Evidian Authentication Manager, if they lose their Windows passwords, users can unlock their accounts at any time without contacting support. Evidian Enterprise SSO automatically creates a list of active accounts for each application. The cost of ownership and licences associated with these applications can therefore be optimised.

Evidian Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) offers several intuitive procedures to securely allow end-users to reset their Windows password from their web portal, their workstation or their mobile.

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With Evidian Authentication Manager, secure access to your workstations and servers in any situation. Cover all authentication scenarios, for a user accessing one or several PCs, or several users sharing the same PC, or Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

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