Reduce up to 50%

helpdesk calls for password reset*

*Based on analyst reports

Save 15€/call

on your help desk cost (on average)*

Enterprise SSO
(Single Sign-On)

The proliferation of passwords have become the main security threats for organizations. The need to simplify access for users by a one click access to their applications, without compromising security policies, has become a main goal for many companies.

  • Replace user passwords with a single authentication

  • Strenghten security by strictly enforcing the password policy

  • Provide support for strong authentication methods (MFA)

  • Non-intrusive and easy to deploy solution

  • For web*, legacy and desktop applications

  • Available for Windows and MacOS**

*on Internet Explorer, Edge, FireFox and  Chrome.

**with Safari and Chrome

Secure and user friendly

Enterprise SSO is a password management software. It allows Information System users to authenticate only once for the duration of their session, regardless of the number of applications that require authentication.

Facilitate access rights administration   -   Simplify technology for users   -   Increase productivity

Reinforce security  -  Compliance and audit   -   Optimise your costs


Facilitate access rights administration

Managing users for multiple applications has become time-consuming and also a financial handicap for companies as certain applications share the same authentication, while others have dedicated user bases.

By centralising usernames and passwords, Evidian Enterprise SSO allows administrators to spend less time on password management tasks. This saved time can instead be spent on development of systems and on improving system performance.

Evidian Enterprise SSO is a non-intrusive software and the solution is transparent for the end user. The method to detect an authentication window is easy to use and no modifications to applications are needed.

Simplify technology for users

With Evidian Enterprise SSO, passwords are entered and renewed automatically. Users save time and can access their applications with no restrictions.

Current applications  need not to be modified, neither Windows software nor web applications ( the Windows domain, CRM portal, Oracle or SAP applications,  supplier portals).

Employees can get on with their work without worrying about forgotten passwords, and without having to change them regularly according to ever more complex criteria: special characters, length, case, etc.

Increase Productivity

Evidian Enteprise SSO provides one unique authentication to login to authorized applications. Users are no longer required to type or memorize passwords across multiple applications, and significantly reduce time needed for daily tasks. Furthermore,  by reducing password fatigue it will also reduce calls to the helpdesk up to 50%

Reinforce security

By managing passwords' lifecycle, Evidian Enterprise SSO ensures that accounts' passwords correspond to your corporate security policies. With Enterprise SSO you will limit password sharing between  your employees  as well as passwords written down in an unsecure way .. Furthermore, Evidian EnterpriseSSO can help you strengthen access to your applications by combining Multi Factor Authentication to access your most critical applications.

Compliance and audit

Evidian Enterprise SSO will help you comply with latest data regulations, such as GDPR he solution is CSPN certified. The solution will also ensure you to keep track of Who had accessed  an application, at what time and date, on which workstation and by using which type of authentication method.

Optimise your costs

A support call generally costs €15. Thanks to Evidian Enterprise SSO, these calls can be reduced by up to 30 %, as employees no longer will lose the application passwords. Automating connections avoids account lockouts due to typos or faulty keyboards as much as possible.

The cost of ownership and licences associated with applications can be optimized thanks to Evidian Enterprise SSO allowing creation of a list of active accounts for each application.

When using Evidian Authentication Manager/SSPR, if a user lose his Windows password, the user can  reset his Windows password at any time and without having to contact support.

Adapts to your business needs

The main function of the product is to prevent users from entering a username and password for each application used. It also allows a user to delegate access to an application to another user without having to disclose their password.

Delegate user accounts     -     Reauthenticate     -     Shared application accounts

4 eyes authentication     -     Enterprise SSO for mobile device 


Delegate user accounts

What happens if an employee wishes to be replaced by a colleague while he or she is away?

Previously with an unsecured solution, said employee revealed his or her login and password, with all the inherent risks in terms of security and audit. Evidian Enterprise SSO, on the contrary, allows an employee to temporarily delegate access to a colleague. Of course, he or she can only do so if your security policy authorizes it. Moreover, a record of accesses is kept, so you know which operations have been performed by which user.

Shared application accounts

Evidian Enterprise SSO allows users to access shared accounts without knowing passwords. When the account requires a password change, the Evidian solution proceeds to the generation of a new password, and each authorized user will take advantage of it without realizing it.

The use of the shared account is audited by the solution and the administrator may retrieve which user grants access to which application, and when.


For critical applications, Evidian E-SSO can be easily configured to ask for reauthentication to access application. You can reauthenticate with a Password or force the use of MFA for your most critical applications.

4 eyes authentication

When the need of an approval of a third person is necessary to validate a sensitive operation (use case Bank/Insurance/Pharma...), the user and validator can use Evidian E-SSO to securely validate the operation and enhancing security of this 4 eyes authentication by requesting strong authentication to inject the signature.

Enterprise SSO for mobile device

Enterprise SSO for mobile devices (QRentry for Android and iOS) automatically enters application passwords for you, stores securely personal notes and passwords in your mobile eVault. Those information are securely stored in your SSO directory and available from your workstation and your mobile devices.

Migration program

Automatic transfer of the SSO data from your SSO solution to Evidian Enterprise SSO

Evidian Enterprise SSO automatically re-directs SSO data (Id and Password) from your current SSO solution and stores them into its own data repository. This migration is totally transparent for your end-users.

Business continuity

Both products having similar look and feel, workers are never impacted in their daily activity. The transition towards the market leader Evidian is carried out thanks to a simple software add-on. This program is simple to use and reliable; it has been tested on several projects around the globe.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Evidian SSO offers the possibility to automatically provision SSO data (application, accounts, Id and Password) from your own Identity Management solution using its user provisioning feature and the API or Web Service exposed and documented by Evidian Enterprise SSO.

Certification and compliance

Related products

Authentication manager : Windows MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Passwords are the weak point of many authentication policies. Single or shared Windows passwords create a risk of intrusion and make it almost impossible to precisely verify the use of Windows accounts.

Windows MFA covers all authentication scenarios for a user accessing one or several PCs, or for several users sharing the same PC.

  • Secured access to your workstations and servers in any situation

  • Replace user passwords with MFA: devices or biometrics

  • Strenghten security by strictly enforcing the password policy

  • Login simultaneouslys to several PC

  • Non-intrusive solution

  • Available for cluster pc and kiosk pc 

SSPR (Self-Service Password Reset)

Evidian Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) offers several intuitive procedures to securely allow end-users to reset their Windows password from their web portal or the Windows login screen.  The solution provides a full set of audit trail reports of WHO resets a Windows password WHEN and from WHERE.

  • Change password when connected or not to the network

  • Without contacting the helpdesk

  • (Q&A) Answering pre-defined questions

  • Scanning a QR Code with Evidian QRentry App

  • One-time password (OTP) sent via email and/or SMS

  • Using a challenge response mechanism

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