What is Identity as a Service – IDaaS?

IDaaS is a ready to use SaaS-based identity and access management solution that enables businesses to adopt an Identity-driven security approach while benefiting from a highly scalable service and flexible pricing. IDaaS offerings integrate Multifactor authentication, Single Sign-On (SSO), and management of user identities lifecycle.

As stated by Kuppingercole, IDaaS is one of the fastest growing market segments. Growth is primarily driven by the need of organizations to achieve better time-to-value proposition over on-premises IAM deployments and also by the benefits gained from the evergreen principle: the service is always secured, up to date and new features are immediately made available. IDaaS solutions offer cloud-ready integrations to extend an organization's IAM controls to meet the security requirements of their growing SaaS portfolio.

According to IDC research more than 90% of organizations use the cloud as a strategic element in their data protection schemes. IDC predicts 55% of organizations will have migrated their data protection systems to a cloud-centric model to centrally manage core, edge, and cloud data protection from the cloud by 2025.


Why choose IDaaS?

Identity as-a-Service offers organizations in all industries the ability to address a variety of digital identity and access challenges:

Infrastructure modernization
Cybersecurity threats are on the rise and hackers are compromising identities to gain access and spread malware (Ransomware, trojans, spyware etc). Organizations need to adopt a modern IAM to replace old siloed and single purpose solutions that don’t have the right capabilities to ensure appropriate protection and prevention for anywhere, anytime connections across all devices.
IDaaS provides a variety of services to manage both Identities and access rights, and because it’s a full featured and unified SaaS solution, organizations can benefit from a single pane of glass viewpoint, security features (identity federation, adaptative multifactor authentication etc) and cost visibility (simple, clear, and transparent subscription model).

Regulatory compliance and Zero Trust
Modern IAM solutions are powered with analytics and intelligence to automate processes, enhance experience, and provide reporting capabilities and dashboards to fulfill compliance requirements. Modern IAM solutions contribute towards Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) “Never trust, always verify”.

Software and business value maximization
Collaboration between companies and their partners or affiliates is extending beyond traditional boundaries. Business applications developed to cater specific needs are being used by external users and companies are willing to offer trusted identity proxy capabilities to increase business performance. Companies are also leveraging identity proxy capabilities to provide employees with secure access to external platforms (online learning, HR platforms etc).

Digital transformation
Gartner predicts 40% or all enterprise workloads will be deployed in cloud infrastructure and platform services (CIPS) by 2023. As more and more organizations are migrating workloads to the cloud for increased agility, there is a growing need to ensure that only the right people can access the right business applications (Salesforce, ServiceNow, Office365 etc) at the right time. IDaaS provides flexibility to quickly onboard applications and manage identities and access rights thanks to the pre-configured connectors.

Compatible with a large array of pre-integrated applications


What are the key capabilities?

Multi-factor Authentication

Increase security when verifying user identity with multifactor authentication using knowledge, possession, inherence, user context.

Single Sign-On

Enable users to login once and access multiple services and resources securely, increasing user experience and reducing risk.

Identity Federation

Identity Federation allows the visitor's preferred credentials to be used for authentication to applications.

Evidian IDaaS is a key component of Atos global security offers

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Demonstrate GDPR compliance with IDaaS

To answer the growing needs of the market for GDPR guidance and GDPR-ready software, Atos Evidian explains the key aspects and features of Evidian IAM products that provide solutions to comply with GDPR requirements related to User Access and Security of Processing (Art. 5 to Art.32).
While no single technology will by itself ‘solve’ GDPR, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is explicitly or implicitly required at every stage of the compliance process.

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IDaaS is part of the Evidian IAM Suite
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