4 eyes authentication

4 eyes authentication

Requiring an approval to electronically sign an operation, is time consuming and can lead to losor shared passwords. The four eyes principle is a requirement that two individuals approve some action before it can be taken.  The 4 eyes authentication feature of Evidian Enterprise SSO allows you to use SSO to autamatically and securely validate an operation.

You may use any authentication method supported by Authentication Manager, for validating an operation by electronic signature.

  • Replace user passwords with a single authentication
  • Manage approvers rights
  • Strong authentication methods (MFA) supported by 4 eyes authentication feature

*on Internet Explorer, Edge, FireFox and  Chrome.
**with Safari and Chrome

  • Non-intrusive and easy to deploy solution
  • For web*, legacy and desktop applications
  • Available for Windows and MacOS**

4 eyes vidéo

Enterprise SSO is a component of the Evidian IAM Suite

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Control identities and rights to enable business transformation

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