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White Papers (IGA, Authentication, SSO, Web SSO, HA)


IGA White Papers - Identity Governance and Administration

Shared Identity and Access Management solution

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Infrastructure modernization and cost rationalization often lead to shared solutions : pooling of resources and harmonization of information systems within the same organization. Discover how to share IAM.

IGA for the extended enterprise

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This white paper describes the case of a retail company which implements centralized, shared and safely accessible services by its subsidiaries, its different establishments or shops without however creating administration overload.

Identity and Access Management for financial services

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The strategic approach to a secure digital transformation for financial services

ID Synchronization for a multi-directory identity repository

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User information is often stored in many places: Active Directory, HR applications, Oracle and SQL Server, e-mail base, LDAP sources… How can you get a single, reliable identity repository? By reconciling existing sources automatically, directory synchronization can help you maintain a central identity repository for all your users.

Analytics & Intelligence

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Evidian Analytics and Intelligence strengthens the Evidian Identity and Access Management Suite (Evidian IGA, Evidian Enterprise SSO, Evidian Authentication Manager and Evidian Web Access Manager). Developed for middle-sized and large organizations, it complements your Evidian solution.

Next generation identity and access management for Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

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This white paper addresses the challenges for Identity and Access Management (IAM) in the context of IT and OT convergence and introduces concepts and architectures for thenext generation of IAM for the Industrial Internet of Things.

IAM at the heart of the zero trust approach


Often, an organization’s first instinct is to implement zero trust at the network level by reinforcing access to company resources, particularly via VPN for remote workers. However, in the event of an intrusion on the company network, access to information depends entirely on user access rights. It is therefore necessary to manage these access rights to ensure minimal user privileges.

SSO White Papers - Enterprise SSO and Authentication Manager

Guide to enterprise single sign-on

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This white paper provides a panorama of enterprise SSO functions on the market today.

The 7 rules of successful SSO projects

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Illustrated with real-life examples, this white paper describes the best practices of single sign-on (SSO) projects.

Multi-factor strong authentication methods

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Which choice for your enterprise workstations ?

More on Enterprise SSO

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Web SSO White Papers - Web Access Manager and Identity Federation

Web Access Authentication for Apps

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Why Authentication and access control should not be handled by Web applications?

Protect nomadic users’ web accesses

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You need to protect access by your mobile users?

HA White Papers - SafeKit High Availability

High availability white paper

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This high availability white paper develops SafeKit software features for clustering a critical application with a software-only solution (network load balancing, synchronous real-time replication and automatic failover).

HA guide (high availability guide)

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This HA guide is illustrated with a real-life crisis situation. It helps you ask the right questions and provides guidelines for choosing a high availability solution.

Analyst Reports

Who are the leaders of IAM cybersecurity solutions?

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Evidian IAM is positioned in the cybersecurity quadrant as leader in Identity and Access Management in the U.S. Public Sector, the German market and the French market by ISG, a leading advisory firm.

Overall leader on Identity Governance & Administration


KuppingerCole has positioned Evidian IGA and IDaaS as an overall leader, product leader, innovation leader, market leader among 25 IGA product vendors in its latest Leadership Compass report focused on Identity Governance & Administration.

Best single sign-on solutions


According to KuppingerCole : “Evidian is highly experienced in providing smooth, proven, secure solutions for E-SSO. […] Evidian is among the clear Leaders in the E-SSO market segment and a logical pick for shortlists in that area

Executive view Identity as-a-Service (IDaaS)


This report reviews the Evidian Identity as-a-Service solutions.

The Benefits of a One-Stop Shop for a Modern, Unified, and Agile IAM Approach


This report describes how Evidian meets the needs of organizations in the digital age, and how these organizations should gradually modernize the existing IAM legacy.

Executive View - Evidian Identity & Access


This report reviews the Evidian Identity and Access Management solutions.

European Identity & Cloud Award Best Identity and Access Management Project: Nantes University Hospital


In this report, discover why the Nantes university hospital was awarded for its innovative approach in identity and access management (IAM) with Evidian.

Compliance White Papers

Maintaining HIPAA Compliance with Identity and Access Management solutions

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This white paper explains how, based on Atos expertise on the HIPAA regulation, identity and access management solutions can help Covered Entities remain compliant and safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI).

Powering GDPR: Identity & Access Management in your compliance journey

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This document highlights how IAM solutions answer GDPR requirements related to User Access and Security of Processing (Art. 5 to Art.32).

Basel III compliance and identity and access management

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Basel III Compliance - The contribution of identity and access management.

Evidian Enterprise Access Management and 21 CFR Part 11


This document explained in a table, how Evidian Enterprise Access Management answer to each requirement of the 21CFR Part 11 paragraph.

Evidian Products - Protect your company from cyber attacks by unauthorized users

Identity as-a-service

Evidian takes care of everything related to your Identity and Access Management with IDaaS

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Identity Governance and Administration

Manage access and authorization of all your users in your company

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Web Access Manager

Gateway for web apps with SSO, multi-factor authentication, identity federation

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Monitoring and powerful reporting for regulatory compliance

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Authentication Manager

Authentication Manager

Enterprise multi-factor & passwordless authentication on Windows PCs

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Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO)

Secure access to legacy and web apps on PCs & mobiles with SSO

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Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)

Reset Windows passwords online and offline

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High availability software for Evidian and partner applications

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Evidian IAM leader in the French and German markets and in U.S. Public Sector

Evidian IAM

Evidian IAM cyber security tools and solutions – Leader in Identity and Access Management in France

Evidian IAM

Evidian IAM cyber security tools and solutions – Leader in Identity and Access Management in Germany

Evidian IAM

Evidian IAM cyber security tools and solutions – Leader in Identity and Access Management in U.S. Public Sector

What are IAM cyber security tools and solutions?