Evidian Identity Analytics and Intelligence

Evidian Identity Analytics and Intelligence

Identity and Access Analytics and Intelligence is the process of producing, collecting, cleansing and correlating data about administration, authentication and authorization events and then transforming this data into actionable intelligence with respect to compliance regulations, business security policies and corporate risk management objectives.

Evidian Identity Analytics and Intelligence meets with auditors, security managers and business managers to track and analyze the use of the Identity and Access Management system in place within the organization. It integrates with other products in the Evidian IAM suite, highlighting evolution trends in identities, rights and access. This overview allows companies to detect suspicious behavior and improve governance and risk management.

Increased governance and risk management

Easily identify risks

The performance indicators provided with the product allow you to monitor activities considered to be at risk (e.g. password changes). Whether done by a user or an administrator, you can detect them and analyze why this happens.

Detect trends

Evidian Identity Analytics and Intelligence allows you to monitor and analyze, using different criteria, usage trends of the Identities and Access Management system in place. The vision over time of the key performance indicators of your business allows you to detect atypical behaviors (e.g. repeated requests for exceptional rights for a user) and react accordingly.

Ability to determine the origin of suspicious practices

Through a business-oriented interface, Evidian Identity Analytics and Intelligence allows you to analyze audit events and find the root cause of practices that you consider abnormal or outside the normal use of the Identity and Access Management system.

Supervise the use of Cloud applications

The Evidian IAM Suite allows you to manage and secure access to Cloud applications while mastering the costs. Accounts for Cloud applications are created dynamically, at the time the user requests access. Evidian Identity Analytics and Intelligence gives you the means to verify inscriptions to Cloud applications and verify that the costs that are invoiced correspond to your usage.

How Evidian Identity Analytics and Intelligence works

Evidian Identity Analytics and Intelligence allows security managers and business managers to track information about events that have occurred within the organization. The product covers different areas including user lifecycle, rights requests and approvals, password changes, and enforcement of the security policy on target applications.

The use of this information is done through a user-friendly Web interface that greatly helps with the analysis of data presented in dashboards, reports and on-demand displays (ad-hoc views).

In order to be able to broaden the research domain and answer any type of question about “Who, What, When, Where, and Why”, the Audit Analysis function facilitates investigations by looking directly into audit events though a user-oriented layout and advanced filtering capabilities.


Dashboards highlight the key performance indicators of your business, providing statistical information on a relevant field. They have been previously set up by fields and presented in the form of easily modifiable graphs. Similarly, it is possible to configure the refresh rate of the data.

Through advanced analysis, managers can investigate further to obtain details on the proposed indicators. This search can be expanded to the audit events involved for this indicator.

The user can also adapt the dashboards to better meet the needs of his/her organization, by customizing the displayed elements, or by adding new elements: logo, images, website, reports or on-demand displays.


The reports detail the information presented in the dashboards.

Reports are available directly and can be customized, among other things, according to time values, organization or application names; they can be generated periodically and sent automatically by mail.

On-demand displays (ad-hoc views)

On-demand displays, also called ad-hoc views, are the basic elements of dashboards. They focus on a given performance indicator and allow its detailed analysis by playing on different dimensions. Thus, it is possible to easily and very interactively position different filters or dimensions in order to obtain the highlighting of the information sought.

At this point, you can save your search. Subsequently, you can either use it as is in a customized dashboard or export the result in the format that suits you, or even repeat it periodically and send the report by mail.

Audit Analysis

The audit event analysis function provides a business-oriented view of the audit events generated by your Identity and Access Management system, for finding the root cause of an anomaly.

The ability to filter according to the start and end dates of an event, its category, type, or any other criterion is enhanced by the ability to filter also all the audit events of the same session, and/or to obtain detailed information about the concerned users or objects of the policy.



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