Evidian - Web access management - Portal security and web single sign-on

Customer challenge

  • Sam travels a lot and works mainly with mobile devices.
  • Access to Enterprise Web applications… Forgotten passwords…

Portal security and web single sign-on with Evidian web access management

Evidian Web Access Management implements portal security and web single sign-on.

Replace passwords by strong authentication

Evidian Web Access Management implements web single sign-on. It reinforces user authentication with one-time passwords (OTP), smart cards, USB tokens, certificates, QR codes, SMS, mail, grid passwords... Multiple level authentication is available according the security required on certain applications.

Facilitate mobility and enforce portal security

With Evidian Web Access Management, users access their web applications from any airport, hotel room or customer site. They can use any browser or smart phone. A single authentication and they access all web applications remotely. Applications secured by Evidian Web Access Management can be inside the Enterprise or in the Cloud.

The solution encrypts all traffic flowing from your intranet to remote browsers. Your data is safe, even over unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Evidian Web Access Management can also hide the URL of intranet servers - nobody knows where your applications servers are really located. Thus, Enterprise portal security is enforced.

Implement rapidly a non-intrusive solution

Evidian Web Access Management does not require any modification to your web applications, nor any plug-in, executable or cookies on the browser side. The solution is non-intrusive and simply implemented by a scalable and high available gateway in front of your web servers.