Delegate access to your user account

How to securely delegate access to your user account?

In your absence business must go on. This Evidian video shows account delegation which allows user to share access to an account without sharing passwords. This demonstration is made with the Evidian Enterprise SSO product. A user delegates access to his/her account in 8 clicks before going on hollydays

More on Evidian Enterprise SSO delegation

Evidian Enterprise SSO lets your employees delegate their access to each other while absent. Users don’t need to reveal their passwords and are audited by name.

Thanks to an optional portal, a user who is ill or on holidays can remotely delegate all or part of his accounts, from his or her home, via a simple web page and fully in keeping with the security policy.

An important criteria when choosing a SSO solution

What happens if an employee wishes to be replaced by a colleague while he or she is away?

Previously with an unsecured solution, said employee revealed his or her login and password, with all the inherent risks in terms of security and audit.

Evidian Enterprise SSO, on the contrary, allows an employee to temporarily delegate access to a colleague. Of course, he or she can only do so if your security policy authorizes it. Moreover, a record of accesses is kept, so you know which operations have been performed by which user.

If you want to know more about how to choose an enterprise single sign-on solution, read this white paper.