Case Studies (IAM, Authentication, SSO, Web SSO, HA)

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Finance Case Studies

Natixis - A large investment bank secures its trading desks [+]

Alain Bernard, Chief Security Officer. "Trading room security is strategic for Natixis. Evidian’s solution reinforces access to our traders’ clusters of PCs via biometrics. This strengthens user authentication in a very critical environment. Evidian solution fits very well in our demanding environment, with its stringent operational processes and requirements. We have strongly reduced access risks while improving trader productivity."

Wellington IT - Software vendor deploys SafeKit high availability solution with its banking application for Credit Unions  [+]

Peter Knight, Sales Manager. "Business continuity and disaster recovery are a major concern for our Locus banking application deployed in numerous Credit Unions around Ireland and the UK. We have found with SafeKit a simple and robust solution for high availability and synchronous replication between two servers with no data loss. With this software solution, we are not dependent on a specific and costly hardware clustering solution. It is a perfect tool to provide a software high availability option to an application of a software vendor."

Brochure - IAM for finance and banking - Controlling internal risks via identity and access management  [+]

By rationalizing access to sensitive data and managing accesses and identities in a structured and coherent way, banks and financial companies can fundamentally reduce their exposure to operational risks.

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Healthcare Case Studies

Shared Identity Management for Hospital Groups [+]

Evidian can provide a shared Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution dedicated to large Hospital Groups. This architecture is adapted to small facilities by rationalizing infrastructure costs and answers the transversal needs (shared resources between entities) of Hospital

EPSM St Avé hospital (France) - A psychiatric hospital maintains the confidentiality of patient records  [+]

EPSM St-Avé hospital - Video with user testimonial [+]

Claude Salomon, Head of Information System. "The Evidian solution brings us substantial benefits on a daily basis. Security is ensured with strong authentication and name-based access to kiosk sessions. Clinicians have quickly adopted the system. Their work is made easier by the roaming session and SSO access to applications, so they have more time to dedicate to their patients. "

Landeskrankenhaus Villach - Safety and efficiency for Villach State Hospital (Austria) [+]

Herbert Stangl, Deputy IT Manager. "Enterprise SSO lets all our clinical staff get at their data easily and securely, and the legal requirements for traceability and auditability are ensured. A straightforward and fluid workflow for the clinical applications is now possible, with no restrictions.”

Hampshire NHS Fundation Trust Hospitals - lets 5000 clinicians focus on frontline care [+]

Ed Sturt, Head of IT. "By simplifying access to essential applications, staff need only to log-in once to carry out essential daily activities, freeing up their time and resources to focus on patient care."

Warrington and Halton - NHS Trust secures access and improves staff efficiency [+]

Steve Nicholson, IT services manager. "The Enterprise SSO solution has been so popular with staff that they are actually demanding to be signed up to it. It makes their jobs considerably easier and more efficient and also encourages a greater level of security when it comes to the use of healthcare applications. It will also make our job easier as we start to deal less and less with password related problems – we expect it to cut IT helpdesk calls by around 70%."

Systel - A software integrator deploys Evidian's SafeKit high-availability solution in firefighter and emergency medical services call centers [+]

Marc Pellas, CEO. "SafeKit perfectly meets the needs of a software vendor. Its main advantage is that it brings in high availability through a software option that is added to our own multi-platform software suite. This way, we are not dependent on a specific and costly hardware clustering solution that is not only difficult to install and maintain, but also differs according to client environments. With SafeKit, our firefighter call centers are run with an integrated software clustering solution, which is the same for all our customers, is user friendly and for which we master the installation up to after-sales support."

Brochure - Enterprise SSO for healthcare - The prescription for identity and access management headaches [+]

Every day, thousands of your employees use dozens of applications. This means hundreds of support calls for lost or forgotten passwords. Clinicians must log in and out of programs one by one, wasting patient time. Incomplete or inaccurate audit trails result in poor information governance.

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Government Case Studies

Brochure: Boost PIV compliance with Enterprise Access Management [+]

Discover the use case of the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card with Single Sing-On (SSO) and Authentication Management which describes how USA federal agencies can take full advantage of their smartcard infrastructure adopting Evidian Access Management.

State of Hesse (Germany) - A local government simplifies and secures access [+]

Manfred Pospich, Head of Planning and Procurement. "Multiple login procedures with
different user name / password combinations often complicate the everyday work of state employees. With the SSO solution, Hessian state administration staff can use a single authentication procedure to access all computers and services for which they are authorized, without having to sign-on again each time. This also increases IT security."

Navantia - A military shipbuilding company secures its accesses [+]

José María Rubio Martín, Information Systems Security Manager. “We needed to reinforce information system access security. Out of all the solutions available on the market, we chose Evidian’s SSO because it is efficient and easy to integrate into an industrial environment. Moreover, Evidian makes it possible to naturally upgrade to identity management. Therefore, we think that deploying Evidian Enterprise SSO is a first step towards full identity and access management.”

Pays Voironnais - The Agglomeration Community of Pays Voironnais protects the personal data of its citizen [+]

Bruno Garguet-Duport, Director of Information Systems and Telecommunications. "The deployment went very smoothly. Evidian Enterprise SSO is so easy to install that we have set it up ourselves on our ten sites. Users are more than convinced: now, they would hardly accept working without the solution!"

Winchester City Council - City council ensures CoCo compliance and simplifies IT access [+]

Sheila Davidge, Head of IM&T. "Evidian’s SSO solution exceeds the CoCo requirements for password strength, and saves users’ time…It gives us a single, consistent security policy that is easy to apply, with minimal support overhead. We wanted to ensure we were compliant with CoCo ahead of the Government’s original deadline. Evidian’s SSO solution exceeds the CoCo requirements for password strength, and saves users’ time by negating the need to sign in to multiple applications. It also cuts the number of helpdesk calls from users for resets of forgotten passwords. It gives us a single, consistent security policy that’s easy to apply, with minimal support overhead."

DGA - The French department of defense (DGA) ensures 24x7 availability and load balancing for its military applications with SafeKit [+]

Alexandre Barth, Systems administrator. "Our production team implemented the SafeKit solution without any difficulty on 14 Windows and Linux clusters. Our critical activity is thus secure, with high-availability and load balancing functions. The advantages of this product are easy deployment and administration of clusters, on the one hand, and uniformity of the solution in the face of heterogeneous operating systems, on the other hand."

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Telecom Case Studies

MTN Côte d'Ivoire - A mobile telecommunications operator controls and facilitates access to its applications with Evidian and Microsoft [+]

Davy Roland Lago, Project manager. "We are very satisfied with Evidian Enterprise SSO. Users easily adopt card-based single sign-on. Our needs have been met far beyond our expectations as we have discovered some other very useful functions such as delegation.”

Sonatel - Senegal's leading telecom operator facilitates and secures IT access [+]

Babacar Kebe, Project Manager. "Feedback is positive; no problems were observed during deployment in the field. Evidian's solution will allow us to define and control our entire access security policy from a single location.”

P&T Luxembourg video - How to provide cloud SSO (Single Sign-On) [+]

After a single authentication, P&T Luxembourg’s customers easily access to all their applications on virtual desktops. The selection criterion of the Evidian solution has been: no modification of application, delegation, security, audit and fast deployment.

Harmonic has deployed more than 80 SafeKit clusters with its critical  TV broadcasting application [+]

Philippe Vidal, Product Manager. “We are deploying SafeKit worldwide and we currently have more than 80 SafeKit clusters on Windows with our critical TV broadcasting application through terrestrial, satellite, cable and IP-TV.”

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Enterprise Case Studies

EADS Astrium - The #1 European supplier of space systems launches IAM deployment with Evidian [+]

Vincent Rossetto, Information security and protection department. "Evidian’s solution is easy to manage because it is centralized and based on our directory. It is not intrusive and therefore economic in terms of support and maintenance. The users appreciate the new ease of use. They only have to let themselves be guided."

Sanofi - A large pharmaceutical company secures its workstations [+]

Vincent Rossetto, Information security and protection department. "Evidian’s solution is easy to manage because it is centralized and based on our directory. It is not intrusive and therefore economic in terms of support and maintenance. The users appreciate the new ease of use. They only have to let themselves be guided."

G4S France - Vincent Girardin, IT Manager of G4S France, explain why his company chose Evidian's SSO solution [+]

Vincent Girardin, IT Manager. "For us, Evidian's identity and access management software is one of the rare solutions on the market that offer all the elements required to build a secure management system in terms of application access. This is why we chose Evidian's SSO solution; we share the opinion of Gartner Group's analysts on this issue."

RATP chose the SafeKit high availability and load balancing solution for the centralized control room of line 1 of the Paris subway  [+]

Stéphane Guilmin, Project manager. "Automation of line 1 of the Paris subway is a major project for RATP, requiring a centralized command room (CCR) designed to resist IT failures. With SafeKit, we have three distinct advantages to meet this need. Firstly, SafeKit is a purely software solution that does not demand the use of shared disks on a SAN and network boxes for load balancing. It is very simple to separate our servers into separate machine rooms. Moreover, this clustering solution is homogeneous for our Windows and Unix platforms. SafeKit provides the three functions that we needed: load balancing between servers, automatic failover after an incident and real time data replication."

Copperchase - ATC systems supplier Copperchase deploys SafeKit high availability in airports for air traffic control [+]

Tony Myers, Director of Business Development. "By developing applications for air traffic control, Copperchase is in one of the most critical business activities. We absolutely need our applications to be available all the time. We have found with SafeKit a simple and complete clustering solution for our needs. This software combines in a single product load balancingreal time data replication with no data loss and automatic failover. This is why, Copperchase deploys SafeKit for air traffic control in airports in the UK and the 30 countries where we are present."

Fives Syleps implements high availability of its ERP with SafeKit and deploys the solution in the food industry. [+]

Testimonial of Fives Syleps. "The automated factories that we equip rely on our ERP. It is not possible that our ERP is out of service due to a computer failure. Otherwise, the whole activity of the factory stops. We chose the Evidian SafeKit high availability product because it is an easy to use solution. It is implemented on standard servers and does not require the use of shared disks on a SAN and load balancing network boxes. It allows servers to be put in remote computer rooms. In addition, the solution is homogeneous for Linux and Windows platforms. And it provides 3 functionalities: load balancing between servers, automatic failover and real-time data replication.”

Many partners deploy high availability of the Milestone video surveillance platform with SafeKit [+]

Sebastien Temoin, Technical and Innovation Director, NOEMIS, value added distributor of Milestone solutions. "SafeKit by Evidian is a professional solution making easy the redundancy of Milestone Management Server, Event Server, Log Server. The solution is easy to deploy, easy to maintain and can be added on existing installation. We have assisted integrators to deploy the solution on many projects such as city surveillance, datacenters, stadiums and other critical infrastructures. SafeKit is a great product, and Evidian provides great support. Happy to help if you have any questions."

In South Korea, WithNCompany deploys high availability of the Samsung Video Surveillance platform with SafeKit [+]

Tommy Park, CEO, WithNCompany, South Korea. "WithNCompany is a reseller of Evidian SafeKit in South Korea. WithNCompany has deployed many SafeKit high availability solutions with the Samsung Video Surveillance Platform and with the SSM application. SafeKit is appreciated because the product is easy to install and very quickly deployed. The SSM application does not need to be modified to run in the high availability mode. The SSM application can be installed on the default C: drive and there is no need to configure a separate disk volume. SafeKit is able to make real-time replication of SSM folders inside the C: drive. Moreover, for cost saving, SafeKit can be installed on 2 Windows PCs instead of 2 servers."

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