Evidian Enterprise Single Sign-On - Strong passwords with no password-typing

Customer challenge

  • Sam needs to connect to several applications
  • Forgotten passwords… Sam calls the help-desk!

Strong passwords with no password-typing implemented by Evidian Enterprise Single Sign-On


Free the user from password-typing

Combined with Authentication Manager, Evidian Enterprise Single Sign-On supports Windows login via smart card or via other devices. Thus, no password is required for employees.

Protect the applications by enforcing passwords

Evidian Enterprise Single Sign-On enters application passwords automatically, in place of the user, and can change passwords according to a strict policy. Thus, you can enforce security on your applications with strong passwords.

Optimize your help-desk activity

A call to the help-desk costs about $20. Thanks to Enterprise Single Sign-On, you can reduce support calls by 20 to 50%, because employees do not lose application passwords anymore.