Clustering software with load balancing, mirroring and failover

High availability and scalability of critical web and database applications with the SafeKit clustering software

The SafeKit clustering software provides a simple high availability and scalability solution for critical web and database applications. As presented on the figure, with SafeKit, you can implement a farm cluster with network load balancing and failover and a mirror cluster with real-time replication and failover.

Clustering software with load balancing and mirroring

Example of load balancing and mirroring with the SafeKit clustering software

For example, with the SafeKit clustering software, you can implement Apache load balancing and SQL Server mirroring. For that, you have to deploy a farm module for Apache and a mirror module for SQL server. Each farm and mirror module is configured with its own virtual IP address and its own restart scripts.

The two miror and farm modules can be deployed on a cluster of two servers if Apache and SQL Server are implemented only on two servers. Or, as presented on the figure, the two modules can be deployed on different servers if Apache and SQL Server are implemented on different servers. With the SafeKit clustering software, there is no difference between a deployment on the same servers or on different servers.

As a result, network load balancing, real time data mirroring and application failover are managed coherently in a same product. When comparing the SafeKit clustering software with hardware clustering, you see that with SafeKit, you do not need shared disk, replicated SAN, load balancers, Enterprise editions of OS or database.

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