Application clustering software for a software publisher – an OEM SafeKit use case

Simple and economical application clustering software for a software publisher

An increasing number of software publishers are integrating SafeKit as an OEM high availability option in their catalog. SafeKit is chosen because it is a simple and economical application clustering software. For a software publisher, the solution is very easy to integrate in its package. And a person without special skills will be able to deploy the application with the clustering option.

If you are a software publisher and if you search for an application clustering solution easy to embed with your own software, you can take advantage of our OEM offer. You will be able to bundle application clustering inside your software offer. And the SafeKit solution does not require to modify your application.

Application clustering software

Application clustering with real-time replication, load balancing and failover

The SafeKit software offers two generic modules for application clustering: the mirror module and the farm module.

The mirror module implements real-time file replication and application failover. It is suited for applications with a database. As an example, you can watch this video on a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 cluster.

The farm module implements network load balancing and application failover. It is suited for applications with web services.  As an example, you can watch this video on Apache load balancing and failover.

And if you need at the same time load balancing on web services and replication of database, you can deploy two mirror and farm modules: the SafeKit clustering software can implement load balancing, mirroring and failover.

Use cases of software publishers using the SafeKit application clustering software are described here. You will see that more than 50 clusters can be deployed worldwide without any difficulty in the digital broadcasting use case.


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