High Availability Architectures Overview

First step - integration via application modules

An application module is a customization of SafeKit for an application. There are two types of modules: the mirror module with real-time data replication and failover and the farm module with load balancing and failover.

High availability architecture

In practice, an application module is a “.Safe” file (zip type) including:

1 - the configuration file userconfig.xml which contains:

2 - the scripts to start and stop the application.

Plug and play deployment

Once an application module is configured and tested with an application, deployment requires no specific IT skills:

1 - install application on 2 standard servers (physical or virtual),
2 - install the SafeKit software on both servers,
3 - install the application module on both servers.

High availability architectures: the different software clusters

SafeKit offers two basic clusters:

Several application modules can be deployed on the same cluster. Thus, advanced clustering architectures can be implemented:



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