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Videos of High Availability Solutions (HA solutions): Demonstrations, Tutorials, Training

Evidian SafeKit

Demonstrations of SafeKit High Availability Software

SafeKit Webinar 2 mn

This webinar presents in 2 minutes Evidian SafeKit.

In this webinar, you will understand SafeKit mirror and farm clusters.

Microsoft SQL Server Cluster

This video shows a mirror module configuration with synchronous real-time replication and failover.

The file replication and the failover are configured for Microsoft SQL Server but it works in the same manner for other databases.

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Apache Cluster

This video shows a farm module configuration with load balancing and failover.

The load balancing and the failover are configured for Apache but it works in the same manner for other web services.

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Hyper-V Cluster

This video shows a Hyper-V cluster with full replications of virtual machines.

Virtual machines can run on both Hyper-V servers and they are restarted in case of failure.

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SafeKit Webinar 10 mn

This webinar presents in 10 minutes Evidian SafeKit.

In this webinar, you will understand:

  • mirror and farm clusters
  • cost savings against hardware clustering solutions
  • best use cases
  • the integration process for a new application

Milestone XProtect Cluster

This video shows the configuration of a Milestone XProtect mirror module with synchronous real-time replication and failover.

After a failover, automatic restart and reconnection of a Recording Server is also demonstrated.

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Tutorials on the SafeKit administration console

First use of SafeKit

This tutorial shows how to use the SafeKit console the first time after the download of the SafeKit package. You will see how to set-up the IP addresses of the servers in the cluster, how to set a replicated directory and a virtual IP address. The Configuration tab is demonstrated.

Edit failover scripts

In a high availability cluster, the critical application must restart automatically. This tutorial shows how to edit start and stop scripts in the SafeKit console to include start and stop of the critical application. The Configuration tab is demonstrated.

Monitoring a high availability cluster

This tutorial shows what happens when a server crashes in the SafeKit cluster management console. The Monitoring tab is demonstrated.

Set a replication network

SafeKit is making real-time replication of data. This tutorial shows how to set a replication network in the cluster management console. The Configuration tab is demonstrated.

Troubleshooting with the cluster management console

When the SafeKit console presents a red server, it means that the solution is no more high available. This tutorial shows how to manage a problem in a cluster and how to restart a high availability module. The Control tab is demonstrated.

Set a heartbeat timeout

The heartbeat timeout determines how much time a secondary server waits when the primary server crashes before restarting an application. The default timeout value is 30 seconds and is set to 15 seconds in this videos. The Advanced Configuration tab of the cluster management console is demonstrated.

Add a ping checker

This tutorial shows how to add a ping checker to an external router in a high availability module. If the router cannot be accessed by a server, the module goes to the WAIT red state on this server, When the router is accessible, the module on the server is automatically restarted and goes to a green state. The Advanced Configuration tab of the cluster management console is demonstrated in this video.

Other SafeKit videos

What are the needs in terms of high availability?

A short video that presents the needs in terms of high availability.

More information...

High availability for dummies with Microsoft Paint :-)

A video showing how SafeKit works with Microsoft Paint.

More information...

Software cluster versus hardware cluster

This video compares the SafeKit clustering software versus hardware clustering solutions.

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with a single software

This video shows how business continuity and disaster recovery can be simply implemented with SafeKit without the need of a replicated SAN.

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High availability cluster between a laptop and a netbook

Understand in 5 minutes the simplicity of the SafeKit high availability solution and the resulting cost-savings with a demonstration of a Windows cluster implemented by a laptop and a netbook.

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Hyper-V Replication and Automatic Failover of VM Checkpoints and Settings

This video shows replication of VM checkpoints and settings (another video shows the replication of full VMs).

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Active-active cluster with real-time replication

This video shows an active-active cluster with real-time replication built with 2 SafeKit mirror modules.

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Clustering with load balancing and mirroring

This video shows a combination of load balancing, replication and failover with a farm module and a mirror module. A failover dependency between the farm and the mirror modules is demonstrated.

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Synchronous replication vs asynchronous replication

This video shows that no transactions are lost with synchronous replication on Microsoft Message Queuing while data are lost with asynchronous replication.

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Virtual IP address with load balancing and failover

This video shows how a virtual IP address with load balancing and failover works on Apache.

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Heartbeat, failover, quorum

This video shows how the split brain problem is solved for a cluster in a network isolation situation on the Microsoft SQL Server application.

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Automatic failback after a failover

This video shows replication of Microsoft Message Queuing with an automatic failback after a failover. Data are resynchronized while being modified.

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Master / slaves dependency between modules

This video shows a master / slaves dependency between modules in a SafeKit high availability cluster.

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Partners, the success with SafeKit

This platform agnostic solution is ideal for a partner reselling a critical application and who wants to provide a redundancy and high availability option easy to deploy to many customers.

With many references in many countries won by partners, SafeKit has proven to be the easiest solution to implement for redundancy and high availability of building management, video management, access control, SCADA software...

Building Management Software (BMS)

Video Management Software (VMS)

Electronic Access Control Software (EACS)

SCADA Software (Industry)

SafeKit Modules for Plug&Play Redundancy and High Availability Solutions

Advanced clustering architectures

Several modules can be deployed on the same cluster. Thus, advanced clustering architectures can be implemented:

SafeKit High Availability Differentiators against Competition

SafeKit Technical Documentation

SafeKit Training


  1. Overview / pptx

    • Demonstration
    • Examples of redundancy and high availability solution
    • Evidian SafeKit sold in many different countries with Milestone
    • 2 solutions: virtual machine or application cluster
    • Distinctive advantages
    • More information on the web site
    • SafeKit training
  2. Competition / pptx

    • Cluster of virtual machines
    • Mirror cluster
    • Farm cluster

Installation, Console, CLI

  1. Install and setup / pptx
    • Package installation
    • Nodes setup
    • Upgrade
  2. Web console / pptx
    • Cluster configuration
    • Configuration tab
    • Control tab
    • Monitor tab
    • Advanced Configuration tab
  3. Command line / pptx
    • Configure the SafeKit cluster
    • Configure a SafeKit module
    • Control commands

Advanced configuration

  1. Mirror module / pptx
    • start_prim / stop_prim scripts
    • userconfig.xml
    • Heartbeat (<hearbeat>)
    • Virtual IP address (<vip>)
    • Real-time file replication (<rfs>)
    • How real-time file replication works?
    • Mirror's states in action
  2. Farm  module / pptx
    • start_both / stop_both scripts
    • userconfig.xml
    • Farm heartbeats (<farm>)
    • Virtual IP address (<vip>)
    • Farm's states in action
  1. Checkers / pptx
    • userconfig.xml
    • errd checker
    • intf and ip checkers
    • custom checker
    • splitbrain checker for a mirror module
    • tcp, ping, module checkers
    • Checkers in action


  1. Troubleshooting / pptx
    • Analyze yourself the logs
    • Running an application without SafeKit
    • Take snapshots for support
    • Boot / shutdown
    • Web console / Command lines
    • Mirror / Farm / Checkers


  1. Evidian support / pptx
    • Get permanent license key
    • Register on support.evidian.com
    • Call desk