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Tutorials with 3 demonstrations

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Evidian SafeKit Webinar – 10mn [+]

With this 10 minutes webinar, you will have an introduction to SafeKit with its two main architectures (mirror, farm), a comparison to competition, the best uses cases and the way to integrate your application inside SafeKit.

Other SafeKit videos

Software cluster versus hardware cluster video [+]

This video compares SafeKit HA solutions versus hardware HA solutions.

Video of disaster recovery with a software SAN [+]

This video shows how disaster recovery can be simply implemented with the SafeKit High Availability software and without the need of a physical SAN.

SafeKit High Availability Software Demonstration between a Laptop and a Netbook [+]

Understand in 5 minutes the simplicity of the SafeKit high availability solution and the resulting cost-savings with a demonstration of a Windows 7 cluster implemented by a laptop and a netbook

Active-active cluster video with Evidian SafeKit [+]

This video shows an active-active cluster built with 2 SafeKit mirror modules.

SafeKit – clustering software video with load balancing and mirroring [+]

This video shows the SafeKit clustering software with Apache load balancing and Microsoft SQL server mirroring.

Data replication software interrupted by a server failure: video [+]

 With this video, you will understand the difference between synchronous replication versus asynchronous replication.

Virtual IP with load balancing and failover video [+]

 This video shows a virtual IP with load balancing and failover.

Cluster quorum video : no quorum server and no quorum disk [+]

This Evidian SafeKit video shows the cluster quorum management with no quorum server and no quorum disk

Automatic failover and automatic failback video [+]

This video shows automatic failover and automatic failback in a SafeKit software cluster.

HA dependency between a master module and slave modules [+]

This video shows HA (High Availability) dependency between a master module and slave modules.

IAM and SSO videos (Identity and Access Management, Single Sign-On)

Discover our videos on Identity and Access Management (IAM), Authentication, Single Sign-On (SSO), Web SSO.


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