Cluster configuration on Windows and Linux with HA modules

Examples of cluster configuration on Windows and Linux with HA modules

Mirror modules



Microsoft SQL ServerWindows module-
OracleWindows moduleLinux module
MySQLWindows moduleLinux module
PostgreSQLWindows moduleLinux module
FirebirdWindows moduleLinux module
Hyper-VWindows module-
Milestone XProtect (based on Microsoft SQL Server)Windows module-
Hanwha SSM (based on PostgreSQL)Windows module-
Generic moduleWindows moduleLinux module

Farm modules



IIS moduleWindows module-
Apache moduleWindows moduleLinux module
Generic moduleWindows moduleLinux module

Simplicity of cluster configuration

With the SafeKit software, cluster configuration for a critical application is simple. You must configure either a farm application module or a mirror application module according the high availability architecture suited for your critical application.

Cluster Configuration with the SafeKit Software

Cluster configuration involves writing an application module with the help of the SafeKit web console. An application module includes:

1. the application stop and start scripts,

2. the configuration file userconfig.xml which contains:

Simplicity of software cluster deployment

Once the application module is configured and tested, deployment of the HA software cluster requires no specific IT skills:

    1. install application on 2 standard Windows or Linux servers,
    2. install the SafeKit software on both servers,
    3. install the application module on both servers,
    4. configure the new names (or IP addresses) of the servers and the new name (or virtual IP address) of the cluster ,
    5. start the cluster.

After cluster deployment, the administrator has a very simple management console (as well as a command line interface), to avoid human errors when managing the critical application.

Simplicity of cluster configuration with the SafeKit software must be compared with complexity of hardware cluster configuration.

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