Cluster configuration on Windows and Linux with HA modules

Evidian SafeKit

How the cluster configuration works with HA modules?

Simplicity of cluster configuration

With the SafeKit software, cluster configuration for a critical application is simple. You must configure either a farm application module or a mirror application module according the high availability architecture suited for your critical application.

Application modules

Cluster configuration involves writing an application module which includes:

1. the application stop and start scripts,
2. the configuration file userconfig.xml which contains:

  • names or physical IP addresses of the servers,
  • name or virtual IP address of the cluster,
  • file directories to replicate in real time between 2 servers for a mirror module,
  • network load balancing criteria between N servers for a farm module,
  • configuration of software and hardware failures detectors.

Simplicity of software cluster deployment

Once the application module is configured and tested, deployment of the HA software cluster requires no specific IT skills:

  1. install application on 2 standard Windows or Linux servers,
  2. install the SafeKit software on both servers,
  3. install the application module on both servers,
  4. configure the new names (or IP addresses) of the servers and the new name (or virtual IP address) of the cluster ,
  5. start the cluster.

Configuration is somplified thanks to a web console.

SafeKit Modules for Plug&Play High Availability Solutions

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Demonstrations of SafeKit High Availability Software

SafeKit Webinar

This webinar presents in 10 minutes Evidian SafeKit.

In this webinar, you will understand:

  • mirror and farm clusters
  • cost savings against hardware clustering solutions
  • best use cases
  • the integration process for a new application

Microsoft SQL Server Cluster

This video shows a mirror module configuration with synchronous real-time replication and failover.

The file replication and the failover are configured for Microsoft SQL Server but it works in the same manner for other databases.

Free trial here

Apache Cluster

This video shows a farm module configuration with load balancing and failover.

The load balancing and the failover are configured for Apache but it works in the same manner for other web services.

Free trial here

Hyper-V Cluster

This video shows a Hyper-V cluster with full replications of virtual machines.

Virtual machines can run on both Hyper-V servers and they are restarted in case of failure.

Free trial here