Clustering software vs hardware clustering – simplicity vs complexity

Evidian SafeKit is a clustering software with load balancing, real-time replication and automatic failover (free trial available here). It is compared in this article with hardware clustering solutions (shared disk clusters and  load balancers).

Understand clustering software vs hardware clustering with a video

Comparison between clustering software vs hardware clustering

Simplicity of a clustering software vs a hardware clustering

SafeKit clustering software to build a software clusterHardware clustering to build a shared disk clusterHardware load balancing to build a farm cluster
Application clustering software on standard Windows or Linux serversHardware clustering of large database on a replicated mirror SANNetwork load balancing of large web portals

SafeKit clustering software
Server cluster - Hardware clusteringHardware network load balancing and farm clustering
  • Server cluster with hardware clustering
  • Replicated mirror SAN with special bays of disks
  • Failover cluster kit
  • OS Enterprise editions
  • DB Enterprise editions
  • Require specific IT skills when configuring the solution
  • Hardware load balancing
  • Web farm clustering
  • 2 load balancers
  • Hardware redundancy for failover
  • Require specific IT skills for configuration

Configuration examples with the SafeKit clustering software and without dedicated hardware

Here are some examples of mirror application modules:

Here are some examples of farm application modules:

More comparisons to understand how to achieve simplicity with a clustering software


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