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High Availability Guide

Evidian SafeKit

High availability guide for choosing the right solution for your critical application

A guide is essential for choosing a high availability solution that fits your needs.

Bad high availability choices can leave you with a solution that is inefficient or may even degrade availability. As different HA solutions are suited to different situations, it is very important to clearly identify what you need.
This High Availability guide is illustrated with a real-life crisis situation. It helps you ask the right questions and provides guidelines for choosing a high availability solution.

  • Does the solution fit with my operational constraints?
  • Are the recovery procedures automated or easy to implement?
  • Is the solution application-oriented, not just low-level data replication?

The crisis occurred at an airport on the traveler-management application, despite the fact that the airport was equipped with a redundant solution. Airport activities were disrupted for a whole day.

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