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SCADA Software

Redundancy and high availability with Evidian SafeKit

What is a SCADA

SCADA systems make it possible to control industrial processes, to interact directly with devices such as sensors, valves, pumps, motors, through human-machine interface software.

Why a SCADA software
is critical?

If the SCADA software is down, the production stops.

That’s why, the SCADA software must be always available for operators who must react immediately to the slightest incident.

Key players list
in SCADA software

According this analyst report, the key players in SCADA software are:

  • Siemens
  • ABB
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Senergy Intellution Pvt Ltd
  • Emerson
  • Omron Automation
  • Data Flow Systems, Inc.
  • Alstom
  • Schneider Electric
  • Wonderware
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Yokogawa Electric Corporation
  • Eaton
  • GE
  • Honeywell
  • Pilz
  • Survalent
  • Valmet GmbH
  • Hitachi

SafeKit brings two solutions for redundancy and high availability of a SCADA software

Redundancy and high availability at the application level

In this type of solution, only application data are replicated. And only the application is restared in case of failure.

Redundancy at the application level for a SCADA software

With this solution, restart scripts must be written to restart the application. This solution is platform agnostic and works with applications inside physical machines, virtual machines, in the Cloud. Any hypervisor is supported (VMware, Hyper-V...).

  • Solution for a new application (restart scripts to write): Windows, Linux

Redundancy and high availability at the virtual machine level

In this type of solution, the SCADA software is put inside a virtual machine. The full Virtual Machine (VM) is replicated and restarted (Application + OS).

Redundancy at the virtual machine level for a SCADA software

The advantage of this solution is that there is no restart scripts to write per application. This solution is generic for any SCADA software. It works with Windows/Hyper-V and Linux/KVM but not with VMware. This is an active/active solution with several virtual machines replicated and restarted between two nodes.


Built-in Hyper-V replication

Built-in Hyper-V replication

  • Asynchronous replication => data loss
  • Manual failover (no automatic failover)
  • Not a high availability solution

Microsoft clustering (same as VMware HA)

Microsoft clustering / Hyper-V solution

  • Requires a shared disk
  • Price of the shared disk and its installation (SAN, iSCSI)
  • Configuration complexity of Windows failover cluster (AD…)
  • Remote sites = replicated storage

Evidian SafeKit

SafeKit / Hyper-V solution

  • Simple and economical
  • Synchronous replication => no data loss
  • Automatic failover and failback
  • No shared disk
  • Free trial and quick installation guide

SafeKit, a recognized solution on the SCADA market

Solution preferred by Siemens

SafeKit with the Siemens Desigo CC SCADA system

SafeKit is available in the Siemens marketplace with its SCADA sofware: Desigo CC (building management), SIMATIC WinCC, SIMATIC PCS 7 and also with the Siveillance suite (video and access control).

SafeKit is deployed by Siemens in Australia, France, the Netherlands, Qatar, Switzerland, the UAE, the UK, the US.

SafeKit chosen by Alstef Group

SafeKit with the Alstef Group SCADA system, BAGware

Alstef Group, a key player in baggage handling systems, deploys SafeKit for redundancy and high availability of its SCADA software suite, BAGware.

SafeKit has been deployed by Alstef Group in many airports with BAGware.

Fives Syleps has chosen SafeKit

SafeKit with the Fives Syleps automated logistics system

Fives Syleps, a key player in automated logistics, deploys SafeKit for redundancy and high availability of its software suite.

SafeKit has been deployed by Fives Syleps in many factories.

Partners, the success with SafeKit

This platform agnostic solution is ideal for a partner reselling a critical application and who wants to provide a redundancy and high availability option easy to deploy to many customers.

With many references in many countries won by partners, SafeKit has proven to be the easiest solution to implement for redundancy and high availability of building management, video management, access control, SCADA software...

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