A strategic tool to meet the requirements of the financial sector

Financial companies are under constant pressure, they have to maintain the outcomes in a growing environment, getting more and more regulated. Opening the access to the information system is a major focus for the development of a company but security should not be neglected. The stakes are high: you must guarantee the confidentiality of digital resources while sharing them with clients, partners and subsidiaries. This raises many questions:

  • How to ensure that your employees only have the necessary accesses required for their job and are not a threat to your security?
  • How to implement shared solutions securely while delegating user management to subsidiaries or partners?
  • How to ensure that the security of your information system is compliant with the applicable regulations?

You can address security problems and control your operational risks. With our new white paper, discover how you can control the access to your data thanks to our identity and access management (IAM) solution.

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White Paper IAM Finance