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Maintaining compliance with the HIPAA regulation is one of the biggest challenges for Covered Entities (CE)* today. To ensure patient’s information stay protected, identity and access management (IAM) solutions remain a must-have for healthcare organizations.

This white paper explains how, based on Atos expertise on the HIPAA regulation, identity and access management solutions can help Covered Entities remain compliant and safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI) by offering:

  • Identity governance and administration solutions supporting strong identities and limiting PHI access to the right users with a role-based management approach,
  • Enterprise access management tools that prevent any unauthorized access to healthcare information and simplify the staff daily work,
  • Audit features on sensitive information accessibility and usability,

You can also get more insights on how specifically Evidian can help CEs achieve HIPAA security standards requirements on our dedicated brochure.

* Covered Entity: any healthcare provider, health plan or healthcare clearinghouse

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