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Fives Syleps implements high availability with SafeKit for automated logistics

Fives Syleps implements high availability of its ERP with SafeKit and deploys the solution in the food industry.

Over 20 SafeKit clusters are deployed on Linux and Windows with Oracle.

Testimonial of Fives Syleps:

"The automated factories that we equip rely on our ERP. It is not possible that our ERP is out of service due to a computer failure. Otherwise, the whole activity of the factory stops.

We chose the Evidian SafeKit high availability product because it is an easy to use solution. It is implemented on standard servers and does not require the use of shared disks on a SAN and load balancing network boxes.

It allows servers to be put in remote computer rooms. In addition, the solution is homogeneous for Linux and Windows platforms. And it provides 3 functionalities: load balancing between servers, automatic failover and real-time data replication.”