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High Availability Software for Application Clustering

Simple and inexpensive high availability software for application clustering

Philippe Vidal, Product Manager, Thomson Video Networks says:

“SafeKit is the ideal application clustering solution for a software publisher looking for a simple and economical high availability software. We are deploying SafeKit worldwide and we currently have more than 40 SafeKit clusters on Windows with our critical broadcasting application through terrestrial, satellite, cable and IP-TV. SafeKit implements the continuous and real-time replication of our database as well as the automatic failover of our application for software and hardware failures.”

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Simplicity in high availability

Watch this video: setting up a Windows 7 cluster between a laptop and a netbook. You will see real-time replication and failover of the free Microsoft SQL Server Express edition.

SafeKit high availability architectures

All-in-one high availability

For the same price, SafeKit provides load balancing, synchronous data replication, failover. Save costs of network boxes, replicated SAN storage and enterprise editions of OS and DB.

Zero hardware extra cost

Forget about shared disks, replicated SAN storage… SafeKit is hardware independent and runs on your existing physical servers, or in virtual servers, or in the cloud.

Zero software extra cost

SafeKit works with the standard editions of OS and databases: standard editions of Windows, Linux, AIX, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Firebird, mySQL, PostgreSQL or other database or files.

Zero specific skill

No special computer skills are required to deploy a SafeKit high availability solution on two servers.

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Make the right choice

There are different types of high availability solutions on the market and among these solutions, SafeKit is characterized by its simplicity as discussed below. Note that you can download this high availability guide for choosing the right solution for your critical application.

Software clustering vs hardware clustering

You have two choices when building a server cluster: either a software clustering like SafeKit or a hardware clustering. SafeKit is much more simple to implement.

Shared nothing vs shared disk cluster

SafeKit is a shared nothing cluster and not a shared disk cluster. There is no shared disk to configure and the servers can be easily put in remote computer rooms without the need of a SAN and replicated bays of disks.

File replication vs disk replication

With file replication and contrary to disk replication,  you just have to define the directories of files that you want to replicate in real-time. SafeKit is a  file-based replication solution. There is no special disk to configure which would be entirely replicated.

Synchronous replication vs asynchronous replication

If you choose the SafeKit synchronous replication and not an asynchronous replication, then you will have no data loss on failover.

Network load balancing with no network prerequisite

SafeKit is an alternative to Microsoft NLB multicast or unicast in VMware without requiring special network configuration. And it is running on Windows (7,8), Linux and AIX.

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