What is a server cluster built from a 100% software solution ?

What is a server cluster built from a 100% software solution ?

What is a server cluster built from a 100% software solution ? Answer with a Windows 7 cluster demonstration

This demonstration shows a Windows 7 server cluster built from a laptop and a netbook with the SafeKit high availability software. You are going to understand the simplicity of the SafeKit software and the resulting cost-savings. The server cluster requires

Note that the SafeKit high availability software also works with the following:

How to bring reliability to an application without modifying it

The previous demonstration shows real-time replication of a Human Resources database with 19,972 employees. The byte-level file replication in the active-passive cluster (mirror module) constituted by the laptop and the netbook is entirely made by the generic mechanisms of SafeKit. You will also see in the demonstration how SafeKit manages the automatic application failover on a hardware failure and then on a software failure.

The SafeKit software is also capable of implementing active-active server cluster with load balancing and failover between N servers (farm module). As well as many other types of server clusters that you can find in the “Architectures” menu.

What is the best use of the SafeKit product

“SafeKit is the ideal application clustering software for a software publisher who wants to introduce a simple and economical high availability option in his catalog. We are deploying SafeKit worldwide and we currently have more than 80 SafeKit clusters on Windows with our critical broadcasting application through terrestrial, satellite, cable and IP-TV. SafeKit implements the continuous and real-time replication of our database as well as the automatic failover of our application for software and hardware failures.”

Philippe Vidal, Product Manager, Harmonic

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