Hyper-V Replication and Automatic Failover of VM Checkpoint and Settings

How to implement Hyper-V replication and automatic failover of VM, checkpoint and settings (no shared disk)?

SafeKit makes not only real-time replication and automatic failover of Hyper-V VM but also replication and failover of VM checkpoint and settings.

This video shows:

Installation instructions for Hyper-V Replication and Automatic Failover of VMs

For each Virtual Machine (VM) to replicate (see this demonstration):

Note that this solution is limited to replication and failover of 25 VMs.

Other examples of high availability modules

Click on the module to understand and try the solution

Mirror modules



Microsoft SQL ServerWindows module-
OracleWindows moduleLinux module
MySQLWindows moduleLinux module
PostgreSQLWindows moduleLinux module
FirebirdWindows moduleLinux module
Hyper-VWindows module-
Milestone XProtect (based on Microsoft SQL Server)Windows module-
Hanwha SSM (based on PostgreSQL)Windows module-
Generic moduleWindows moduleLinux module

Farm modules



IIS moduleWindows module-
Apache moduleWindows moduleLinux module
Generic moduleWindows moduleLinux module

If you want to know more about the difference between application high availability and  virtual machine high availability, read the article benefits of VM HA vs Application HA.


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