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Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) White Papers

IGA for the extended enterprise [+]

This white paper describes the case of a retail company which implements centralized, shared and safely accessible services by its subsidiaries, its different establishments or shops without however creating administration overload.

White paper Finance - Identity and Access Management [+]

A strategic tool to meet the requirements of the financial sector.

Manage identities and accesses, step by step [+]

Drawing on 15 years of experience, this white paper describes how to efficiently deploy identity and access management in any organization.

Unify your user identity directories [+]

This document presents a simple yet effective solution for solving the issue of multiple overlapping user directories.

Access governance [+]

This white paper describes how to involve business managers in defining and approving the security policy, and which tasks to delegate.

High-end LDAP/X.500 Directory Server [+]

This white paper describes an all-in-one solution for LDAP directory, LDAP high availability, LDAP scalability and metadirectory.

Identity Intelligence and Analytics [+]

This white paper describes how to implement security compliance with identity intelligence and how to audit security with security reports.

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Authentication and Single Sign On (SSO) White Papers

Guide to enterprise single sign-on [+]

This white paper provides a panorama of enterprise SSO functions on the market today.

The 7 rules of successful SSO projects [+]

Illustrated with real-life examples, this white paper describes the best practices of single sign-on (SSO) projects.

SSO and CRM: empower your salespeople [+]

Salespersons can automatically access all CRM applications thanks to the SSO (Single Sign-On) engine installed on the workstations.

SSO for call centers: improve service and ROI [+]

In a 'Customer Call Center', the intensive use of workstations to access different customers' data gives a special dimension to the introduction of SSO.

Strong authentication - reduce hidden costs [+]

This white paper describes the most-used strong authentication methods, with their peculiarities.

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Web SSO and SOA Access Management White Papers

Web Access Authentication for Apps [+]

Why Authentication and access control should not be handled by Web applications?

Protect nomadic users’ web accesses [+]

You need to protect access by your mobile users?

Mobile Single Sign-On to Microsoft Exchange with OWA and ActiveSync [+]

This document describes a secure single sign-on (SSO) solution for accessing Microsoft Exchange on tablets and smartphones.

Secure SOA and traditional infrastructures [+]

Want to implement SAML-SSO access management for traditional and J2EE applications?

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High Availability (HA) Software White Papers (SafeKit)

High availability white paper [+]

This high availability white paper develops SafeKit software features for clustering a critical application with a software-only solution (network load balancing, synchronous real-time replication and automatic failover).

HA guide (high availability guide) [+]

This HA guide is illustrated with a real-life crisis situation. It helps you ask the right questions and provides guidelines for choosing a high availability solution.

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Analyst Reports

KuppingerCole report – European Identity & Cloud Award 2015 Best Identity and Access Management Project: Nantes University Hospital [+]

In this KuppingerCole report, discover why the Nantes university hospital was awarded for its innovative approach in identity and access management (IAM) with Evidian.

KuppingerCole Report – Identity and access management solutions vendors: who are the leaders [+]

According to KuppingerCole : “Evidian is well-known for its leading-edge Enterprise SSO offerings, but also has a strong offering for other areas of IAM/IAG. Most features are tightly integrated into the platform […] That makes the Evidian offering also a good choice for medium-sized businesses.

KuppingerCole Report – Best single sign-on solutions [+]

According to KuppingerCole : “Evidian is highly experienced in providing smooth, proven, secure solutions for E-SSO. […] Evidian is among the clear Leaders in the E-SSO market segment and a logical pick for shortlists in that area

KuppingerCole product note — Evidian Identity & Access Manager [+]

KuppingerCole, a leading independent Germany-based analyst firm, evaluates in detail Evidian's Identity & Access Manager software in this 7-page document.

Datamonitor report — minimizing the risk of internal fraud in challenging times [+]

Some of the most severe financial losses in 2008 were caused by insufficient operational risk procedures-despite the awareness provided by the Basel II agreement.

Compliance White Papers

Laws, regulations, and secure SSO [+]

Do you need to understand the impact of laws and regulations on your identity and access management infrastructure?

PCI DSS compliance via identity and access management [+]

This white paper describes how an integrated identity and access management (IAM) solution can help you comply with many areas of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance via identity and access management [+]

Identity and access management can help you enforce internal controls cost-effectively.

Your IT access reports for Sarbanes-Oxley [+]

Do you need to implement IT SOX reports demonstrating the effectiveness of the implementation of your IT access policy?

Basel III compliance and identity and access management [+]

Basel III Compliance - The contribution of identity and access management.

Reducing internal IT risks [+]

On the basis of Evidian's customer experience, this white paper describes how IT departments control internal risks linked to improper accesses.

Healthcare Focus

Improve hospital staff mobility with single sign-on [+]

This white paper addresses the issues to consider while setting up an SSO within a hospital, with authentication based on the Connecting for Health (CfH) card.

Safeguarding confidentiality: access control in hospitals [+]

How a large regional hospital protects its IT accesses with smart cards, ensuring confidentiality and efficiency.

HIPAA compliance and identity and access management [+]

Achieving regulatory compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule.

Protect Hospital Information Systems with Smart Cards and SSO [+]

How to help hospital staff and doctors be more productive? Learn how UK hospitals implement single sign-on.

Healthcare brochure [+]

The prescription for identity and access management headaches"

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Monitoring Systems and Networks White Papers (OpenMaster)

Simplify supervision of your applications, systems and networks [+]

Can you improve the Quality of Service of your applications?

Service Management Intelligence for complex IT services [+]

How to implement focus on correlation techniques that enable the management of business-critical IT services.

OpenMaster for Telecom - Executive Overview [+]

Service management intelligence for IT and telecom service assurance

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