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Identity and Access Management Flyers

Identity & Access Manager flyer - The Right Identity at the Right Place  [+]

How can you control the security of access to your information system, in an increasingly more complex technical environment, under the pressure of business constraints and compliance? Evidian Identity & Access Manager (I&A Manager) allows you to take regain control of accesses with a complete and integrated solution that reduces the management costs of the lifecycle of digital identities.

High-end LDAP/X.500 Directory Server flyer  [+]

Evidian DirX Directory provides a standards-compliant, high-performance, highly available, highly reliable and secure LDAP and X.500 directory server with very high linear scalability.

Identity Intelligence and Analytics flyer  [+]

Evidian DirX Audit provides auditors, security compliance officers and audit administrators with identity intelligence and advanced analytics for identity and access.

ID Synchronization flyer: Create a central identity repository for all your users  [+]

Local directories, human resources, messaging system, list of partners, application databases, etc. This information is heterogeneous and partial: how can you have a reliable identity repository?

Enterprise SSO, Web SSO (Single Sign-On) Flyers

Enterprise SSO flyer -  Single sign-on for a secure access from anywhere  [+]

Free your users from remembering and typing passwords. Evidian Enterprise SSO provides agile single sign-on to all users, businesses and organizations.

Web Access Manager flyer - A cornerstone of trustworthy web communities  [+]

By offering a coherent infrastructure that secures your web applications, Evidian Web Access Manager makes your organization’s security policy more consistent, reduces management costs and speeds up your e-business activities.

Authentication Flyers

Authentication Manager flyer - Business-aware multi-factor authentication management for the whole organization  [+]

Secure access in any situation to your workstations and servers. Cover all authentication scenarios, whether one user accesses one or many PCs, or many users share one PC.

QRentry flyer -Strong authentication via QR Code  [+]

With QRentry™, your users authenticate with a QR Code™ and their smartphone. The QRentry™ solution allows authenticating with a browser on a web portal and on Windows from the authentication banner.

High Availability (HA) Flyer

SafeKit flyer - Simple and Economical High Availability Software  [+]

Evidian SafeKit is a software-based high availability solution. This solution secures easily and quickly the 24x7 operation of your critical applications. SafeKit runs on your existing standard servers and works with the standard editions of OS and DB.

Business Activities Flyers

Healthcare Flyer - The prescription for identity and access management headaches  [+]

Every day, thousands of your employees use dozens of applications. This means hundreds of support calls for lost or forgotten passwords. Clinicians must log in and out of programs one by one, wasting patient time. Incomplete or inaccurate audit trails result in poor information governance.

Banking and Finance Flyer - Controlling internal risks via identity and access management  [+]

In the financial sector, data protection is a matter of the utmost strategic importance. In a deregulated environment, characterized by close links between market players, the handling of ever larger amounts of capital, and increasingly sophisticated financial products, operational risks have taken on considerable significance.
By rationalizing access to sensitive data and managing accesses and identities in a structured and coherent way, banks and financial companies can fundamentally reduce their exposure to operational risks.




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