Make your operations tighter and more secure

Financial companies are under constant pressure to produce results in an increasingly regulated environment. It is therefore essential to control access to digital resources, while ensuring that these resources contribute effectively to the company’s results.

Efficiency, regulatory compliance and risk reduction: the three parameters which together should inform operational, legal and technical decisions.

Evidian’s identity and access management ensures efficient and customised access to the data of a financial establishment. Each entry into this system can be easily audited, in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.

So, whether in trading rooms or in branches, access to customer and employee financial data is secure and optimised. To provide the best possible service to clients, traders and branch employees can obtain the rapid access they need. They only have access to the resources they need and which they are authorised to use.

Multiply your efficiency

Evidian solutions are designed to improve the productivity of your organisation. A single authentication can now replace all the passwords of your branch employees. And if they change branch or role, their access rights are automatically modified, so they can get to work straight away.

You may wish to use strong authentication with cards or biometrics in your branches. But how can you ensure that employee productivity and the helpdesk workload don’t suffer? Evidian solutions allow a “zero password” policy to be applied in full security. Employees can access their resources in full security, wherever they are located.

Make all access auditable

Evidian solutions keep a record of all access attempts and decisions about access rights to resources. This information is accessible in a single location for your auditors, and can be used to rapidly identify the cause of any incidents. It therefore facilitates compliance with the regulatory constraints of trackability.

Your financial suppliers make their services available on the internet. But if several of your employees use the same access codes, how can an action be linked to the person who carried it out? Evidian allows you to eliminate shared passwords, making responsibility for financial actions clear.

Reduce operational risks

Evidian solutions allow you to assess your exposure to operational risks, and to rapidly implement corrective action based on audit recommendations. They are ideal for the operational risk management units advocated by Bale III and Solvency II, as they allow numerous loss-making incidents to be documented.

You may wish to strengthen access control in your trading rooms in order to ensure that the authors of unauthorised actions can be identified. In practice, how can this control be made compatible with trading procedures? Designed with input from finance professionals, Evidian solutions offer authentication for clusters of workstations, while ensuring delegation and trackability.

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