Service Management Intelligence for complex IT services

How to implement focus on correlation techniques that enable the management of business-critical IT services.


"Service Management Intelligence for complex IT services"

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Due to the high pressure on IT organizations to support enterprise competitiveness and contribute to cost reduction, these organizations are seeking ways to enhance IT operation effectiveness and to enable the move towards a business-driven approach to IT service delivery. Moreover, the web services and SOA technologies that are emerging and promising to lead the way towards enterprise business agility add a step forward in Service Management requirement, to foster this agility and a real dynamic enterprise.

Evidian OpenMaster offers the complex IT organizations a Service Management Intelligence tool to empower IT operation effectiveness and match IT service delivery with business service objectives.

OpenMaster provides a high degree of automation to allow real-time service management that senses problems and threats to QoS faster and more proactively and responds to them more accurately.

Weaknesses of traditional IT service management

Traditionally, the IT and network management staff are focused on infrastructure management, alarm collection, and performance measurement at the system and hardware level, and on supervising the health of individual elements. The typical management solution features several management consoles, each of which is dedicated to a specific technology or vendor. As a result, the operation staff required increases as the infrastructure becomes more complex. Stopgap solutions are adopted, such as simply concentrating servers and routers in order to ensure that the IT infrastructure runs smoothly. This naturally means that the IT infrastructure is kept disconnected from business service objectives and adds cost and complexity.

Evidian brings innovative intelligence for Service Management

Evidian's OpenMaster Service Management Intelligence acts as an enterprise-wide integrated management console for IT (service-oriented IT infrastructure) and network-dependent business services. OpenMaster brings intelligence in three management domains: management information collection, fault and performance impact analysis and correlation, and automation of management operations. OpenMaster allows end-to-end service problem resolution and correlates service levels to the topology of the IP infrastructure making up a business service.