Executive Overview

Service management intelligence for IT and telecom service assurance


"OpenMaster for Telecom - Executive Overview"

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Evidian, a subsidiary of Bull, is a leading service management and security software company, with a reputation resulting from its many customers among the largest enterprises and government organizations worldwide.

Evidian offers a groundbreaking service management solution with its OpenMaster software suite. OpenMaster delivers a step forward in service management intelligence for complex telecom and enterprise business services.

Evidian's product suite provides advanced features for telecom and IT service assurance, thanks to its comprehensive support of industry standards, its event-driven and real-time system design, and knowledge-based intelligence and business intelligence paradigms.

OSS and Service-Level Management is the core expertise of Evidian, thanks to long experience in working with customers and partners in various service assurance solutions and technologies, both for large enterprises and telecom service providers.

Evidian offers secure and flexible solutions that integrate with all network technologies, enterprise systems, applications and web services technologies. Evidian's flexible solutions can adapt to all IT operation organizations.