Evidian Provisioning Connectors Training

Evidian Provisioning Connectors Installation, Deployment & Support

Duration: 2 Days Objectives:
  • Be able to implement the product in a standard environment
  • Understand  Evidian IGA  components and the architecture of a typical solution
  • Be able to provision several types of target systems and applications (LDAP Directories, Active Directory, SQL databases).


Knowledge in Windows and security concepts. LDAP and SQL knowledge. Manual is in English.

Contents: The items covered include:
  • Introduction
  • Architecture and Concepts:
    • Identity Synchronization Vs Users Provisioning
    • Users Provisioning & Reconciliation
    • Provisioning Providers and Connectors
    • Evidian User Account Model
    • Account Registration to Services Vs Permission Assignment
  • Methodology to setup the provisioning of external applications in a standard environment
  • Configuration of the Built-in Provisioning
  • Configuration of the Workflow Driven Provisioning
  • Labs on:
    • Provisioning of IGA portal users’ accounts
    • Workflow Driven Provisioning
    • Provisioning of Active Directory
    • Provisioning of Business application accounts in an SQL database
    • Reporting and Audit of the security policy
Product version: 10 Methods: Presentations, Demonstrations, Labs Standard price: 1200 euros/participant, without tax. Number of participants per session: 6 participants max