Apache load balancing and failover

Apache load balancing and failover

How Evidian SafeKit implements simply a farm cluster with Apache load balancing and failover on Windows or Linux?

The goal of this article is to explain how to implement a farm cluster in two VMs. After the implementation, you will be able to run the following video with Apache load balancing and failover on Windows or Linux.

Installation instructions

We suppose a laptop with the following minimum hardware and the installation with VMware Player of 2 Windows 2012 R2 VMs as explained here.

The names of the 2 Windows 2012 R2 VMs are SERVER1 and SERVER2.

Download and install SafeKit in SERVER1 and SERVER2: http://www.evidian.com/products/high-availability-software-for-application-clustering/cluster-test-free-download/

Add firewall rules in the Microsoft firewall ruleset to allow the SafeKit processes to communicate with their peers in the cluster. Start a command line as Administrator :

We are not going to install Apache in SERVER1 and SERVER2. Indeed, SafeKit delivers an Apache server for running its Web console. We are going to use this server for demonstrating Apache load balancing and failover on 9000 TCP port.

A special page inside SafeKit has been created for demonstration purporse: http://<virtual IP address>:9000/safekit/mosaic.html. This page is a CGI-BIN and creates a set of HTTP/TCP sessions. It displays all the created sessions in a mosaic. Inside each HTTP session, the name of the node managing the session is displayed.

Apache load balancing is configured on client source port. It means that the same client can be connected to different servers on multiple HTTP/TCP sessions. We are in the case of a stateless Apache server with no session affinity as explained here.

At this step, you are ready to execute the previous video and to demonstrate Apache load balancing and failover.

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