Evidian Web Access Manager Training

Installation, Deployment & Support of Evidian Web Access Manager: Basic Course

Duration: 3 Days Objectives: Be able to participate in pre-sales activities and implement the Web Access Manager product in standard environments.
  • Understand typical customer solution architectures and components
  • Install and set a basic configuration through Administration Console


  • Knowledge of the OSI model and protocols:
  • Be familiar with UNIX commands lines
  • Knowledge of languages:
    • HTML, JavaScript

The course manual is in English.

Contents: The items covered include:
  • Presentation of the product and its components
  • Installation of single VM none HA with Evidian OpenLDAP (RedHat or CentOS 64bits)
    • System Requirements, Setup and Control
  • Presentation of the Administration Console
  • Discovering Authentication Policies
    • Primary
      • Built-in Authentications, Capacity of Multi-directories, Password Policies, The Authentication Levels
    • Secondary
      • Local, Provisioned, E-SSO
  • Discovering External Authentication (Radius, CGI)
  • Access Control Lists
    • Built-In, Custom
  • Rewriting Ability
    • How a Reverse Proxy works, Parsing
  • Certificates
  • Publication of applications
    • Philosophy of URL Collector
      • Specific treatment
      • BAA
      • Forms login
        • Simple
      • Forms Change of password
    • Declaration of services
    • Operate with Portal and URL Mapping
    • Operate with Web Agent
    • Delegated authentication server
  • Use and browse the Product Documentation
  • Use of the Support Evidian Web Site
Product version: 8.0 Methods: Presentations, Demonstrations, hands-on Standard price: 1800 euros/participant, without tax. Number of participants per session: 6 participants max