Evidian Policy Manager Training

Evidian Policy Manager Installation, Deployment & Support

Duration: 3 Days Objectives:
  • Understand the concepts and the architecture
  • Be able to implement the product
  • Be able to define and implement a security policy based on the concepts of Policy Manager


Good understanding of the concepts used in RBAC or ORBAC model, organizational and security concepts

Contents: The items covered include:
  • Introduction
    • Policy Manager Concepts & Data model
    • Role of the Policy Manager in a complete IAM solution
  • Installation
    • Prerequisites: IAM referential installed
    • Policy Server Installation
    • LDAP Extension
  • Concepts
    • Policy Manager Console ; Personal Workspace
    • Policy Manager Objects ;
      • Roles
      • Permissions
      • Resources
      • Organization
      • Business Rules
      • Segregation of Duties
      • Inheritance
  • Configuration
    • Definition of the assignments between Users/Roles/Organizations
    • Definition of the assignments between Roles/Organizations/Permissions
    • Reconciliation
      • Simulation mode
      • Real mode
  • Link with Provisioning Manager
  • Reporting & Audit Configuration
Product version: 9 Methods: Presentations, Demonstrations, Labs Standard price: 1800 euros/participant, without tax. Number of participants per session: 6 participants max