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Evidian Identity Governance & Administration Basic Training

Installation, Configuration, Deployment & Support of Evidian Identity Governance & Administration: Basic Course

Duration: 5 days


  • Understand the concepts, the different features and modules, which compose the Evidian IGA solution architecture
  • Understand the links between the features and architecture modules
  • Understand the workflow processes needed for identity and rights management and the logical sequencing of their execution
  • Be able to install all the modules of the architecture in target environment
  • Be able to implement the  IGA  10 central repository and configure its synchronization streams
  • Be able to deploy and configure the workflow processes of the  IGA  portal in a standard environment
  • Understand all the functionalities of the  IGA  policy administration console in order be able to implement:
    • a global security policy for the governance of all kinds of identities and rights in a standard environment
    • user provisioning mechanisms by using the providers and connectors in a standard environment
  • Be able to exploit the advanced features for the customization of the  IGA  solution in a standard environment
  • Be able to use the Reporting and Audit Functions to start operating the solution
  • Overview of an  IGA  project methodology


Good understanding of the concepts used in RBAC or ORBAC model, organizational and security concepts.
Knowledge in Windows, basic knowledge in PHP and XML.
Knowledge of LDAP and database basic concepts.
The course manual is in English.


The items covered include:

  • Day 1: IGA Features and Architecture Overview

    • Introduction
      • Evidian I&AM Suite
      • Evidian  IGA  10 All in one solution
      • Evidian  IGA  10 features
      • Demo
    • Evidian  IGA  10 architecture modules
    • Synchronization of the  IGA  10 central directory
    • Evidian  IGA  10 Portal for end users
    • Evidian  IGA  10 Workflow Processes
    • User Lifecycle Management
    • User Rights Management with Extended RBAC policies
    • Application management & users accounts’ Provisioning
    • Advanced features for a better governance
    • Reporting and Audit Functions
    • Monitoring and technical Administration during run-time
    • Hands on the  IGA  10 Portal and overview of the installation process and identity repositories setup
  • Day 2: Implementation and synchronization of the  IGA  10 central repository

    • Identify Synchronization: Concepts and Streams
    • Identity Repositories Vs Identity Templates and Synchronization modes
    • Configuration of synchronization streams:
      • Master source and “Standard” associated sources
      • Attributes Mapping
      • Object creation and deletion rules
      • Customized functions for attributes computation and advanced operations
    • Labs on: identity repository creation, configuration of synchronization streams based on CSV export of Human Resource database, test identity lifecycle management processes, scripting some customized functions for computing new attributes values or create associations between an identity and its Manager, approval workflow processes for identity synchronization, modification of existent synchronization streams, synchronization of the organizations .
  • Day 3 : Implementation of User Provisioning and Reconciliation

    • Architecture and Concepts:
      • Identity Synchronization Vs Users Provisioning
      • Users Provisioning & Reconciliation
      • Provisioning Providers and Connectors
      • Evidian User Account Model
      • Account Registration to Services Vs Permission Assignment
    • Methodology to setup the provisioning of external applications in a standard environment
    • Configuration of Built-in Provisioning
    • Configuration of the Workflow Driven Provisioning
    • Labs on:
      • Provisioning of  IGA  portal users’ accounts
      • Workflow Driven Provisioning
      • Provisioning of Active Directory accounts
      • Provisioning of Business application accounts in an SQL database
      • Reporting and Audit of the security policy
  • Day 4 : Implementation of a global security policy

    • Introduction
    • Evidian Extended RBAC model
    • IGA  administration console: Overview of Policy Management Features
      • Personal Workspaces and Administration Rights
      • Setup of the Policy Manager environment
      • Identity Repositories
      • Evidian Extended RBAC Policy Objects:
        • Roles, Permissions (External Applications Vs Internal Applications),
        • Organizations,
        • Permissions’ Contexts
      • Business Rules as a standard way to automate assignment of Users/Roles/Organizations
      • Risks management: Segregation of Duties Rules
    • Labs on:
      • Definition of Technical, Administration and Business Roles
      • Assignments between roles and organizations/permissions, assignments between users and roles/organizations
      • Definition of Static and Dynamic Business Rules
      • Multiple account context provisioning
      • Reporting and Audit
  • Day 5 : Implementation and customization of Evidian  IGA  workflow processes

    • Detailed study of the  IGA  portal process (involving different participants)
    • Customization and packaging of the  IGA  workflow processes
      • IGA  Processes customization methodology
      • Customization based on identity templates and contexts
      • Process upgrade, packaging and re-deployment
      • Look and feel customization
    • Monitoring  of the  IGA  workflow processes
    • Labs on:
      • User Identity Lifecycle Management: Arrival, Departure,
      • User Rights Management: Request, Approval and Revocation, Risks Management
      • Accounts Management
      • Transition Period management: Identity Modification and Roles Validity Expiration
      • Post provisioning workflows
      • Approval Tasks, Reminders and Escalation Emails customization
      • Reporting and Audit

Product version: 10

Methods:Presentations, Hands-on (within VMWare).
Labs are structured to offer attendees a guided learning path based on the most frequently encountered use cases.

Standard price: 3000 euros/participant, without tax.

Number of participants per session: 6 participants max

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