Evidian Identity Governance & Administration Features and Architecture Training

Features and Architecture of Evidian Identity Governance & Administration: Basic Course

Duration: 1 day Objectives: Be able to:
  • Identify the different functionalities and modules, which compose the Evidian IGA 10 solution architecture
  • Understand the links between the functionalities and modules
  • Understand the involved workflow processes for identity and rights management and the logical sequencing of their execution
  • List the workflow processes and functionalities that can be activated for a given use case without the need for customization.

Knowledge in LDAP repositories and security concepts, basic IAM knowledge (Identity & Access Management). The course manual is in English.

Contents: The items covered include:
  • Introduction to Evidian I&AM Suite
  • Concepts: Evidian IGA All in one solution
  • Evidian IGA module architecture
  • Synchronization of the Evidian IGA central repository
  • Evidian IGA Portal for end users
  • Evidian IGA Workflow Processes
  • User Lifecycle Management
  • User Right Management with Extended RBAC policies
  • Application management & users accounts’ provisioning
  • Advanced features for a better governance
  • Reporting and Audit Functions
  • Monitoring and technical Administration during run-time
  • Demos, Hands on and overview of the installation process
Product version: 10 Methods: Presentations, demonstrations. Standard price: 600 euros/participant, without tax. Number of participants per session: 8 participants max