Evidian ID Synchronization Training

Concepts, Installation and Configuration of Evidian ID Synchronization: Basic Course

Duration: 1 day Objectives:
  • Understand the architecture of Evidian ID Synchronization
  • Discover Evidian ID Synchronization role in  IGA
  • Be able to install Evidian ID Synchronization and implement synchronization streams in a standard environment.
  • Be able to operate synchronization streams in a standard environment

Basic knowledge in Security, LDAP, XML, Perl or PHP. The course manual is in English.

Contents: The items covered include:
  • Introduction
    • Concepts and Architecture
    • Evidian ID Synchronization role in Evidian  IGA  solution
    • Sample Use Cases
  • Installation
    • Prerequisites
    • Evidian ID Synchronization run-time modes: standalone or within an  IGA  environment
    • Identity Data Sources
  • Configuration of Synchronization Streams
    • Master source and “Standard” associated sources
    • Attributes Mapping
    • Object creation and deletion rules
    • Group membership management
    • Run-time parameters: thresholds, logs, traces, scheduling
  • Customized functions for attributes computation and advanced operations
  • Administration of Synchronization Streams
  • Labs and case study of synchronization (user and organization, group objects and group membership)
    • CSV files and LDAP V3 directory
    • CSV files and Active directory
    • Active directory and SQL data base
    • Scripting  additional customized functions
    • Debug traces and logs
Product version: 10 Methods: Presentations, hands-on. Standard price: 600 euros/participant, without tax. Number of participants per session: 6 participants max