Evidian Entreprise SSO Training

Architecture, Installation, Configuration & Support of Evidian Enterprise SSO : Basic Course

Duration: 2 Days


Be able to participate in pre-sales, installation, service and deployment activities relating to Evidian Enterprise Access Management/Enterprise SSO product. This includes most activities from customer requirement analysis to actual solution definition and implementation:

  • Analyze SSO customer requirements
  • Identify the Enterprise SSO functions required
  • Build the technical solution architecture
  • Understand the key strengths of the Enterprise SSO product
  • Install, configure and deploy the solution


Knowledge of Windows 2K+ and directories architecture. The course manual is in English.


The items covered include:

  • General presentation of Enterprise Access Management offer:
    • General presentation (Customer presentation)
    • Functional presentation of the client modules
    • Presentation of Enterprise Access Management Console
    • Presentation of Mobile E-SSO and link to Provisioning
  • Presentation of the product's architecture and implementation
    • Possible architectures and implementations
      • Secondary server (High Availability)
    • Implementation on Active Directory
    • CertiPass model (secret and security management)
    • Implementation of the Security base
    • Implementation of the audit function
      • SQL Databases
      • Audit base external processing
      • Consolidated audit base in case of multiple EAM controllers
  • Installation and configuration
    • Installation and configuration of Entreprise Access Management
    • Installation and configuration of E-SSO
    • Installation and configuration of Enterprise Access Management Console
  • SSO Implementation
    • Configuration of SSO Engine with Studio Enterprise
  • Implementation of E-SSO specific functions
    • Management of accounts and user roles
    • Management of users' access profiles
    • Implementation of account delegation
    • Emergency Plan
  • Reporting
  • Audit Operations
  • Support and Debugging

Product version: 10

Methods: Presentations, Demonstrations, Labs

Standard price: 1200 euros/participant, without tax.

Number of participants per session: 8 participants max