Evidian E-SSO Advanced Architectures & Configurations, and Evidian Authentication Manager for Strong Authentications Training

Advanced Architectures & Configurations of Evidian Enterprise SSO, and Strong Authentications in Evidian Authentication Manager: Specific course, developed on request

Duration: depending on the volume of subjects to be covered


Be able to participate in installation & configuration services and deployment activities relating to complex Enterprise Access Management solutions


Knowledge of Windows 2K+ and directories architecture.The course manual is in English.
Full knowledge about all Enterprise Access Management (E-SSO & Authentication Manager) Basic Course subjects.
The course manual is in English.


The items that can be covered include:

  • Advanced SSO
    • Use of all the predefined plugins including “Bad password”, “Bad new password”
    • SSO data on-card storage
    • Emulators
      • Emulators without scripting or API interface
        • Limitation of this type of emulator
        • Use of Custom scripts
      • Script OLE interface
        • How to develop a script for an emulator having OLE interface
      • HLLAPI interface
        • Method to check the emulator configuration
        • Configuration of SSO Studio for HLLAPI
    • Common problems solved by custom scripts
      • How to use SPY
      • How to force a Password change
      • Variable field identifier management
      • Complex Custom Scripts using DLL
    • HTML Customization
    • Web portal customization
    • Web service programming
  • Strong Authentication
    • SmartCard Management
      • Architecture of a Card Management System
      • XML file structure
      • How to retrieve cards information
      • How to take a new card into account
    • External CMS
    • RFID tokens
    • Biometrics (Store-on-PC, Store-on-Card, Store-on-Server)
    • PKA
      • How to use certificates in E-SSO environment (administration and authentication)
  • Complex architectures
    • Use cases
    • Associated servers in multi-domain/inter-domain environments
    • Enterprise Access Management LDAP directories other than AD (cooperative and non-cooperative modes),
    • station configuration against these directories
    • E-SSO and Terminal servers, Citrix, …
    • Migration
  • Audit Report customization

Product version: 10

Methods: Presentations, Demonstrations, Labs

Standard price: dépending on the duration, preparation included.

Number of participants per session: 4 participants max